First my girlfriend and then me

You keep staring at me as you f*** my girlfriend. She's screaming wilder than ever and I know it. She knows it. You know it. She's c** again but you haven't. I'm sat naked on the chair, my little c*** hard at seeing my girlfriend cheat in front of me with you and your huge c***. It's more than twice the length and twice the thickness of mine. You're now staring at me as you pull out of my girlfriend and walk over to me. Your giant c*** almost touching my face. I know what to do, I grab your c***, look you in the eye and then take your c*** into my sissy bi mouth. Sucking on your tip, trying to take more but I'm struggling to take more than half of your d*** without gagging. Then you grab my head and force your c*** deeper, like it's down my throat until I'm struggling to breath. I take your c*** out, push you back a step, then drop to my knees and then start sucking your amazing c*** hard and fast like a nasty s***. I want to give your glorious c*** the best b****** ever, better than girl has given you. My little d*** is standing to attention with precum oozing all over. I'm sucking you faster as I caress your big b****, taking you deeper into my mouth until I feel that j*** as you shoot you hot f****** sticky c** down my throat. My mouth filling with your c**, oozing out around my lips. I keep jerking you and swallowing your load until you pull away. You know that's the best b****** you've had. My girlfriend comes over and licks my mouth clean calling me a gay little c*** sucker. Then she makes me lie down, looking at my tiny raging hard red d***, and strokes her foot along my d*** and I instantly shoot a huge load of c** landing on my face, then on my neck and chest. I c** for almost a minute as you laugh at my pathetic c***. You tell me to lick myself clean and I do, what difference does a bit more c** make. Then you chuck me my girlfriends little pink frilly panties and tell me to wear those from now on. I'll be wearing them next time I suck your d*** now I have a taste (literally) for sucking off guys. Does this make me gay or bi. I don't know. All I know is I want to suck your big d*** again. Maybe you can f*** me up the ass too?

Be honest, how many guys want a b****** from my sissy mouth?

Aug 13, 2015

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  • Yeah of course all that happened Walter.

  • Who the f*** is Walter? This is gay fantasy I have to be dominated and to suck off a stud as I turn more and more into a sissy. This was my way of opening up to the world that I confess to wanting to have my lips around a big dominating c*** until I'm full of c** like a cheap s*** on a Friday night.

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