I am a cheating married woman

I am a married woman for almost 30 years and I have slept with almost 30 men in the past 10 years. I have only used a condom about 10% of the time, and that was only in the beginning.
I know it's wrong but I love getting filled with another mans c** and then going home and have my man f*** me with the other guys c** inside (thinking that I'm wet for him). I've even made my man eat me out after he c*** in me, when he's eating both his c** and the other mans c**. I'm on the pill and have never gotten pregnant.

I know it's 100% wrong but I'm addicted.

Aug 17, 2015

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  • You NOT a cheating married woman at all.
    You're a p***-addicted, sixty something guy who lives in a fantasy world because real life for you is sad & mundane.

  • Is it wrong? Yes..Does it happen? Sure.

    I was married 14 years, and, after the fourth month...Found myself at the apartment of a hot-bodied, hispanic nurse friend, having dinner. That soon became wild fking on the couch.

    A few months later, I was at a bookstore, and struck up conversation with a cute, fit-bodied blonde (her little half-shirt had my eyes glued to her body; was as if her deep, tanned navel was calling out..take me), and that ended up s** with her in her apartment. She was the only time I then went home and fkd my now-ex wife the same night.

    I was good for quite a while, but then, a one-nighter with a middle-aged, but, I have to admit, very sxy, milf-type woman, I met at sports bar I go to. That set off a run of challenge for me.. See how many I can bed before either feeling guilty and stopping, or getting caught.

    Closest I came to getting caught was afternoon with my neighbor's college-aged daughter. Ex wife asked why I was across the street and coming outside the side garage door (that's where the girl's room was). Told her I was talking to Peter, the girl's father. Got away with it.

  • My kind of girl....

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