Granny Desires

I am 19 years old and I have to confess that I can only really enjoy s** with really old women. Anything from 60 up but my favourite range is 80+. However it is not that easy to go out and pick really old ladies up so I use an escort agency that specialises in mature escorts and does have quite a few grannies on the books. My parents are very wealthy and give me whatever resources I need and they bought a beautiful apartment in London Docklands overlooking one of the canals, it is a stunning location. So I pick them up at an arranged location take them out for a meal and/or show, I love to be seen in public with a granny that I will make love to later. They will ask if I want any extras and know as they ask that of course I do. So it's back to my place, some music, a little drikypoos and a night of blissful s**. S** with a very old lady is wonderful, droopy t*** down to their belly button are just begging to be sucked and an old and well used p**** is beautiful and tastes great, but it is r****** where the real beauty of a granny lies. I have date tonight with a beautiful lady that I have already been out with a number of times and I am getting really h**** just thinking about it but I must NOT have a w*** beforehand. Tonight I will shoot c** on her face and tities, so I will need as much as I can muster tonight. Hi-de-hi!

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  • You are doing a great service for the grannies who need s** as much as anyone. Keep it up.

  • Are you a GRANNY???

  • I like eating out and r****** grannies too and what you say about their t*** is spot on. A granny friend of mine has t*** that droop down to her p****, so if she is standing naked her p**** is visible between her beautiful nipples, can you imagine what a sexy sight that is?

  • Hope it goes well I love f****** my 85 yo grandmother

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