Old is great

I’m a pervert for granny s** . I like old gray p**** hair . I lick old saggy t*** and at times ass and p**** holes! I feel no regrets . I couldn’t wait to f*** an old lady. I saw my aunts pubic hair as she squatted in plain view I even touched my aunts old pubic hair as she slept. My first granny lover was a prude 65 year old Victorian type All of her dead husband’s friends wanted Bj I shocked them all cause they were all doctors and myself a 45 year old pharmacist technician . I put her hand on my p**** on our first date! She complained that I was so h**** at all times . We had s** throughout her two family house . She was appalled after our first date and even more so after I forcibly ate her out

13 days

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  • To each their own, just leave my grandma alone.

  • I like old grannies too! My wife of 47 years is one and we still f*** twice a week.

  • Sounds great. You'll enjoy Putin's wrinkly chickenbody rubbing up and down you. Wooh!

  • Wrinkly chickenbody. Heh!

  • Seekouleep!

  • Every Satanist's nemesis is Cush ben Ham. Nobody likes a Levoyan though many prefer Cush.

  • 4chan is the pit of the universe. Stay away!

  • Okay, Kamala. Make sure you don’t miss your annual douche.

  • Wooh!

  • Vaush is lard. Vaush is trash. Soon will Vaush get what he deserves.

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