Trouble on the school bus

This hot headed husky guy told the other riders that if they sat in a seat hed beat the s*** out of them. Only he could sit in that seat.

A boy larger than him heard this and sat in the seat and when the punk attacked him he muscled him down. The punks face was beet red and I think he had severe mental problems which made him homicidal even as a teenager.

Ok many years later I began wondering what had become of him. Like I said his temper was vile. So I went to an inmate locators website and sure enough there he was. As of 1979 he was serving life in prison with no parole for aggravated assault and murder. I don't know who he killed.

Looking up other troubled punks on this website I saw where many of them had served time for assault or theft or in one scumbags case rape.

I may not be tough myself but I do know character whether its good or bad.

Sep 12, 2015

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