Carl Harrison and Bobby Gandy are dead and I think its funny

I was a teenager just graduated high school and I was hanging out with my buddy. Two punks came up and spoiled the fun by knocking the holy s*** out of me and my friend. They claimed that I had my hand in my pocket and I might have a knife.

I didn't have a f****** knife and they knew it. My friend was unconscience.

A short while later they knocked another guys tooth out.

Ok Bobby Gandy died in a car accident that was his fault two weeks later. He was going an estimated 75 in a 35 mph zone and he hit a tree on the side of the road. Nobody got killed but him. I laughed my ass off when I heard ablut this.

The other a****** Carl Harrison was picking on another guy when the guy pulled a gun and during the struggle for the gun ol Carl got shot in the genitals. His testicles were shot off along with most of his p****.

This happened about a year after he hit me. I doubled over when I heard that. I mean that was better than killing him. He wasn't but 19 and he spent the rest of his rather short life with no genitals.

He got a job as an order puller at a junkyard and one day while taking a nap during break he never woke up. His manager found him unresponsive in an easy chair.

I don't know what killed him a heart attack I guess but at least the a****** died.

I don't know where either of them are buried but if I did I spit on their graves from time to time.

Nov 27, 2014

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  • Natural justice my friend ;)

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