It could get worse, and it very well may.

My wife discovered last night that I've been having an affair. As you'd expect, she exploded. And kept exploding. Make a volcano seem minor by comparison. But if she finds out who it's with, and how long it's been going on, it will get MUCH worse. I've been involved with her niece (her sister's daughter), and it's been going since the Christmas holidays last year, and the girl is now six months pregnant. See what I mean? Think, "Pompeii".

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  • You are a very sick puppy. Enjoy being a spineless, lying pervert. My sympathy goes out to the women damaged by your selfishness.

  • Yeah it is,, somemotherfucker adds "fake as f***" pages, and does the damage, man, i was like, who wants u here, get the f*** off of here, go get a life. we enjoy reading confessions even if they r fake, it was a gud time, but now it feels like should never come here,, cus every f****** comment is seconded by that mf's reply "fake as f***"! one comment for u(whoever u r guy or girl) " u r fake as suck and timid as a lone p****, go n get f*****, or else u gona die a virgin"!

  • Do her for as long as you can then leave I suggest

  • Dude- you just need to disappear- there might be a hit out on you if she finds out. This comes from a jealous wife.

  • You need to start talking to this girl -- if you haven't already -- about going for an abortion. Leave her parents out of it. YOU talk to her, and convince her that carrying this problem to term is not what's best for her or for the maybe baby. You are probably getting close to the end of the second trimester, but even if you're too late for a normal abortion, there are PLENTY of places now that will do late-term abortions. Get her to dump this problem. It's bad enough for her, but it's worse for you. You and your marriage might survive your wife discovering the affair, but having a baby with this trouble-making w**** you're mixed up with is going to be a life-long problem for you. Convince her to get rid of it. NOW. TODAY!

  • Are you even sure the baby is yours? I mean if this girl is willing to f*** her aunt's husband, she's probably been f****** a LOT of dudes (and she probably still is). I'm just sayin'.......

  • ^ totally ^

  • My Advice, leave Town!

  • The niece must be one severely hot piece of ass. Do you plan to leave home for it? Is the ass that good? Or is it just that nasty?

  • You created this mess, deal with it. Hope your wife gets the house and whatever she wants.. everything, she deserves it. Surprised that the niece hasn't said anything. She probably thinks you'll marry her.

  • ^TOTALLY^ correct!

  • You're screwed. Start talking to a divorce lawyer.

  • Dude what were you thinking - Thanksgiving is never going to be the same!

  • And anything in general never ever will be the same, you big dummy, BUTTNUGGET!!

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