An obviously poor/homeless guy asked me

An obviously poor/homeless guy asked me for some money.. I said i'd give him a dollar from my car. When I got in my car I drove away. I didn't feel good about it, but I hate beggars.

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  • I work the streets as a homeless and crippled man, I beg for money; I make an average of $900 a 5 day week..............I also accept unemployment benefits...............I am doing ok............

  • And you did what you felt was okay.

  • If it makes you feel any better, he's probably had LOTS worse stuff done to him. Homeless people have pretty hard shells, I'm sure he didn't feel too bad after you drove off.

  • you shouldv'e at least given him food.

  • a******

  • I would have done the same thing

  • i would never do that. i always think that maybe it's God testing me.

  • I do this to hitchhikers .. cruel but sooo funny.

  • Haha, classic.

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