I very recently got my license, and bumped into a car inside a car park the next day. There was no real damage to my car, but I left a definite dent in the car I bumped. There was no one around, and I just drove away. I've felt unbelievably guilty about it since. I realise that it was a completely dishonest, awful thing to do, but I didn't get the license number of the cat I hit. I realise it's no good to feel so bad after the fact but I don't know what to do.

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  • Who cares what you should do? You're just some douchebag who damaged somebody's car and then bitched out.

    The real question is what should the person with the damaged car do?

  • The person with the damaged car probably did what all punked people do-- mumble to themselves about "karma" and then go through life driving a dented car, which other people will continually judge them for.

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