i am 14 i cut and have a eating

i am 14 i cut and have a eating disorder and i have depression and bi-ploar, I would never kill my self because that would be too h****** my family but i hate my life i and i am only 14 no one knows anything about this i hide my cuts from the world ppl have asked abhout them and i made excusses and now i dont knwo where to go from here .help and all theses prombles came from when my bf that i was engaged too told me he didnt love me . so please help

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  • ^^^^Yes, don't self diagnose, listen to some idiot's advice online, much better!

  • You were engaged to him? And you're only 14 now??? Hahahahha

  • you can't have depression and bipolar disorder, dumbshit. you go through the depressive phases, it's part of the disorder. what you basically said was that you were depressed, manic, and depressed.
    i f****** hate it when people say that. you don't even know your own g****** made up disorder.

  • Why the h*** do kids think cutting will do anything for them? Its self destructive and just seems like a cry for attention when they are ashamed of them at the same time. Put the knife down dammit. Call a help line. Explain just like you did here. Check in at a hospital and say you're doing self harm and want help to stop.

  • I think people are too quick to self-diagnose and find excuses for failing. First of all, the eating disorder: EAT CORRECTLY. Okay next, depression - once you start eating healthy and start going outside regularly I think you'll find the body balances itself out pretty well, chemically. VERY few people are actually bi-polar and if a doctor had actually examined and diagnosed you I am sure he would have noticed your cuts. So stop already, the world is more than just you and it will run just fine with or without you.

  • stfu, nub

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