I want to commit suicide

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  • Hmmm.. nine/ten days old. Wonder what was the outcome?

  • See a church and therapist and get help.

  • Go travel you idiot !

  • F****** great advoice. You selfish arrogant person.

  • He is not an idiot, but travel is a great idea.

  • We know you do Julian Assange and Harvey Weinstein and pam

  • If you wanted to commit suicide, you would do it without telling people. Because you're telling people what you want to do, that implies it's a cry for help. If you have trusted loved one's/friend's, speak to them about your feelings and why you feel this way. If you'd prefer not to do that, more qualified people are available to give you the support and help you need such as: A school counsellor, family doctor, anonymous medical vlogs/blogs and support groups with Q and A's frim medical professionals. Whatever you do, don't commit to killing yourself without trying to solve the reasons for those particular feelings. Your life is precious and shouldn't be eradicated like it's meaningless.

  • I'm tired, too. Let's meet up. Maybe we can leave together.

  • Before you make any decisions, especially here at Christmas, talk to a priest or a pastor, then talk to a professional counselor, then give it a little time for what they say to get into your system. Please don't make such a permanent decision, from which there is no escape. Every decision you make should give you more options, rather than fewer. Please give yourself a chance, and then make an effort, to enjoy the holidays. I will pray for you. I already have.

  • It is you my angel ? Whoever you are don't .

  • Definitely not YOUR angel, pedo

  • Please dont......

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