Was supposed to be a fire with a friend

I went over to my friends house to have a fire in her back yard, i was there for about an hour,people started to leave, we started joking around how it would be fun to set up a tent.to my surprise she went inside and brought outr a pop up tent.she set it up and i told her it would be fun to watch a moview in the tent,it would be like a fort, so she went back inside and got her laptop and some blankets.we picked a movie and were laying side by side, everyone was in bed or gone by now. i pulled my body closer to hers and started rubbing her belly, she pushed back into me and i could feel her butt push into my c***.i have a girl friend and she has a boy friend, so i did not know whut was going to happon, but we had both been drinking.i kept rubbing her belly, i got the courage and started rubbing her belly under her shirt, it took awhile but i my fingers were brushing against the waist line of her pajama bottoms, i let my hand slide down her waste line a bit, and i felt some of her pubic hair. at this point she pushed one of her legs inbetween mine{we were spooning} this opened up her legs a bit. i kept rubbing her belly and once in awhile letting my hang slip into her pajamas a bit so i cud feel her pubic hair a bit. after about ten min , i could not help it any mor, i think she could feel my c*** hard in her bum?i felt her open her legs a bit more, so i let my hand slid onto her p**** over her underwear, i remember my hand fit so perfect over her mound, i could feel that her underwear was soaked thru and she opened up her legs more as i started to jst rub her crotch.at this point she turned and looked at me and we kissed, it felt so good to feel her wet lips on on mine, while i could feel her wet underwear.i wanted to feel her bare p**** so i pushed my hand down her undeerwear so i could feel her skin, i remember smelling her p**** after i went in her unders, it the scent filled up the tent, it smelled really good.i startee dtugging at her pj bottoms, so she started to pull them off for me.when they were off, i got up and she was laying on her back, i could not take it anymore i had to eat her out, i wanted to taste her p**** so bad.a gave a big long lick strting at the bottom, rite to the top of her c***.she really liked that first lick and she spread her legs really wide so i could get in there, after eating her out for a bit i stuck two fingers in her hole as well .she was soooo wet! omg my c*** was so hard!i undid my jeans and pulled my c*** out of my undearwear and she instantly grabbed it.she felt my pre c** on the tip and started playing with it while she stroked me.after she was playing with me for a bit i asked her to lay face down with her bum in the air.i played with her p**** for awile savoiring how wet she was and how open her p**** was.we did not have a condom , so i started rubbing ny c*** around her hole, just so i could feel her p**** juice on my head of my c*** . it was soo slipperery warm, i dont know whut came over me but i could not help it. i pushed a little harder, and she pushed back at the same time. my c*** went right inside her all the way, it felt so good to feel her p**** wrap around me, she was backing right into me now and wanted to be f***** big time, she was starting to make noise and i did not want to wake anyone up, so i said shhhhhh she listened and buried her face into the blanket and quited down . latley i have been thinking about kids, like alot! knowing my c*** was inside her and how i could just let go and fill her up.it was such a turn on.i was so tempted to just grab onto her hips and pul her tight and let go and c** to the very back of her, but it is something we would have to talk about first, so i didnt, i could feel my c*** starting to pulse abit like it was going to expode soon, so i had to pull out, and i told her how much i wanted to fill her up.i think she was dissappointed?it was so hot, i went home and thought about what just happed an hour b4, i wish i would have had the courage to blow inside her p**** and fill her up.i know that im ready to have kids, i have money and am in a good place.if only i could find a girl who wants the same. are you out there?


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  • Mmmmmmmmm p****

  • Yer such a tease! the best partr is feeling him c** inside you!the feeling of his pulsating and throbbing C*** moments before he c*** is just awesome..also the facial expression adds to the enjoyment.....I can feel warm baby butter inside my p****...uhhhhh....waiting for tonight!!

  • Tent s**! the best

  • My ovaries are aching after this story !so f***** h**** at work

  • Why cant i have good friends like that?great post

  • Thanks for the share!umm i feel like i need a stiff hard c*** sliding in and out of me now.out of the stories ive read here yours turned me on the most

  • There are lots of girls who would love to find a guy who wants kids,tons!your story definitely turned me on while reading it,i would have one with you if i didnt all ready have 3 lol

  • Mmmmmm good story

  • Another hard c*** to add the list of hard c**** that read this

  • I love this website,it always makes me so h**** and wet to read all the confessions.this one particularly got me going.i would have not let you leave until you gave me a good f******.i want a c*** now so bad

  • Im going to j*** off now ,thanks!

  • I love it when a guys c*** inside of me,i can usually feel it get extra hard and feel it pulse as its shooting inside, if i were her , i wud have asked you too let go inside of me , but thats just me lol

  • I can feel my c*** all stiff in my jeans from your little story

  • Mmmmm tent fooling around is my favorite ,makes me wet and h**** to hear you write about it

  • My c*** is hard at work

  • Mmmmm, has anything else happened between you two since then?i would love to hear about anything else! my c*** came alive reading your story,you must have great will power?if that would have been me she would have had a load in her

  • F***** hot!!!!

  • You guys must have really wanted each other,sounds like she really wanted you inside her,i cant say i blame her,by the time i finished reading your story i was wet .thank you for sharing : }

  • That would have been a hot way to make a baby,sounds like it could have been hot baby making s**

  • You made my c*** hard while reading this, i would have not been able to stop

  • Hot hot hot!

  • You are such a good friend. Thank you for the story and for making me wet.

  • This is so f***** good! I like the story

  • I loved it

  • You made me wet reading what you wrote, i wish i was her, i would have asked you to c** inside me.

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