Sisters best friend

My parents were called away at short notice due to a sick relative, so my youngest sister and her best friend came to stay at my flat for the weekend. My sisters is a pretty girl but her friend is stunning and very confident, Saturday night we have a takeaway and I let them have a few drinks. At that age they always want more so I agreed which they thought was well cool, I had a few bottled beers myself and I couldn't help keep looking when i got the chance at my sisters friend legs. Every so often I got a glimpse of her peach coloured silky knickers and as the evening went on I was moving position to get a better view. We started watching a film and not long after my sister said she was going to bed as she didn't feel to good. For the next half hour or so it seemed like the view was getting better, if I moved she would move a bit even parting her legs maybe by accident. It was only a matter of time before it was so obvious what I was doing, she looked at me smiling, as i got up I told her she had beautiful legs and wanted to see a bit more I guess she noticed my hardon as she let out a little giggle like they do at that age. I knelt in front of her and parted her legs and gently stroked them stopping just short of her knickers she seemed to enjoy it so I then run my finger tips over the front of her knickers pressing a little harder each time then push them to one side and slipped in a finger, she was wet so I wasted no time in rubbing her c***. At the same time she reaches out and gives me a good hard squeeze, I unzip and my hard c*** is is in her hand being given a good w***. I take a quick reality check thinking 10 minutes ago I was enjoying a harmless look up my sisters friend skirt and now my finger is in her wet p**** and she is giving me a w***. So this goes on for a fair bit more until I push towards her until my c*** is up against her knickers and I'm rubbing some more against those silky knickers she says that is as far as it can go so I carry on pushing harder and harder every so often slipping inside her knickers and up her p**** it's feeling real good then I blow my load all over the front of those little knickers that have been teasing me all night. I rub my c*** all over them smearing my c** all over her belly even filling her pierced belly button up. I lean forward give her a peck on her rosy cheek and tell her how much I enjoyed it, she nods her head and up to bed she goes. I follow up a few minutes later and to my surprise I can hear the girls whispering so my only concern is, is my little sister doing this sort of thing with older guys like myself too?

Nov 30, 2010

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  • Well one idea on that last question is to shut the f*** up, I mean maybe if you just stopped typing about something you've never done before in your life, you may still have the free time to shut the f*** up.

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