Im having suicidal thoughts and i dont know what to do (im 13 male)

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  • I just saw your comment. I hope you are feeling better about things now. But if you still have these thoughts, even if only sometimes, please talk to a doctor or psychologist.
    Can you talk to your mom or dad? You did not say what the issue was that was troubling you. If it is something you are reticent to speak to them about, you must talk to a counselor, somewhere.
    There is nothing, nothing which cannot be worked out or worked through. Whatever it is, I promise you that you can change the way you deal with it, view it, and you can live without the pain you were going through.

  • Take a notebook and write all your frustrations down and that way you would come out with all kinds of things, its kind of a self- shrink, also- you could write the benefits of being on this earth and just work on them. You are thirteen, you haven't seen it all, so just live longer so that you can see all the amazing things earth can offer you.

  • Talk to someone - a doctor, counselor, a friend. Anyone. You matter.
    (800) 273-8255 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

  • Talk to your parent please. People go threw this sometimes especially if your childhood was rough, you are being bullied, or just need emotional support.

    Please please talk to your parent or come here to let it out

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