I wonder what he thinks of me

There's an awkward, shy, and handsome guy in one of my classes (I'm a HS senior). Every time we lock eyes, I can feel the sexual tension. I secretly wonder if he masturbates to me, and fantasize that he pleasures himself thinking of me. It sounds so dirty, but it makes me so wet.

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  • Oh you need to listen to this so carefuly....when i was in highschool i was that "handsome guy" but i was so awkward and shy this one girl really liked me...we would always lock eyes and we had great s** when we locked eyes...she could not get enough me and i could not get enough of her...i didnt know her we did not hang out in the circles......long story short...nothing came out of it...and till this day i kick myself and think about her...i wish i could have had s** with her..i wish i could have dated her she was so cool.......f***, life sucks..because i was not f****** raised probably by the time i figure it all out....it was too late for me...nothing but regret..i would pay 1 billion dollars to go and do it "all over again" this time

  • Of course she does. He's probably got a red end over her as well

  • Red end?

  • Do you finger your wet p**** to him?

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