Waste of Time

Do you ever just feel like you wasted your time on someone? There is this guy I found attractive, he was really nice looking, and I just thought maybe his face would match his personality. When I heard him talk for the first time, it wasn't his voice, it was what he was saying. He sounded like a complete pathetic douchebag. My time was wasted. Thoroughly unimpressed.

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  • That happened with me. I prefer to do minimal stalking (i.e.: checking social media pages [from your account], find who he's friends with, find people who know him and ask out of curiosity, how he holds himself, how he does in class [good or bad grades], etc.); just the simple stuff. Try friends first, and then make your decision. I had the same problem. Search for The Football Bully. It's my post.

  • I wasted over a year with my ex wife. This happens all the time.

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