Domestic Worker Quickie

Ok so one afternoon I was lying on my bed j********** when mparents domestic worker suddenly walked in to ask me something and she caught me by complete surprise.let me explain to you how we got to what we did she is a 32 year old and I am 17 we have had an attraction to eachother ever since she started working for my parents so when she came in my parents where both at work and I had just got back from school,when she saw me doing what I was doing I think it was an instant turn on for her and she started walking towards me when I saw her starting to pull down her pants I knew what was going to happen next. She got in between my legs and started to give me the best out of the 6 b******* I have ever had then she started crawling towards her huge t*** rolling over my hard c*** which aroused voth of us even more . After that I licked her wet p**** it was the best feeling ever. But bow for the best part she slid down and placed her wet.p**** against my hard c*** and we had some really good s** she has the best p**** I have ever seen and ever since then any extra opportunity we get we go fo it. She is an ebony stunner and we love eachother.

Oct 11, 2012

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  • NICE. Lucky you.

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