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I'm called gorgeous, beautiful and talented. But I don't feel that way. My friends don't really care for me, giving me s*** whenever they can. I am never asked to dances by boys or girls. I have had no boyfriend or girlfriend. I am disliked at school. All I want is somebody to love. Is it too much? I am severely depressed, but have been told that I am lying because I act too happy to be depressed. I was told by my so-called best friend. I just want to be accepted.

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  • I to like you have a 10 body, looks and charm but so lonely in life it just sucks. Never get asked for dates for they feel I'd reject them, I'd try to make friends with who ever while I was in school and they'd always just say they were to busy to hang out or some other lame excuse so I just quit and in my senior year starting in another school, another town I just behaved like always and said the h*** with every one else.
    I am in my third year of college and I now have a BF and a circle of friends who like me all thru high school were rejected because we looked to perfect.
    I'd just love to go to one of my reunions and tell em all off and just what I think of them.
    When the tenth comes around I will have my doctorate and that would be a good time to lower the boom on them.

  • Idk how you can be called beautiful, etc, and not have somebody. At least you get compliments. I'm a guy and I think I'm good looking, may not have a ripped body though, but still, and I've never once been complimented by a girl. And every girl I meet is taken or not interested. I've been depressed for so many years too. I just want once to be able to love a girl and know what s** feels like with them. Sometimes I wish girls didn't exist because they're so complicated and drive people to kill themselves. I'm at the point where if I didn't have a certain 2 people in my life, I'd go insane, and probably do what everyone else is doing - going on shooting rampages. Murder-suicide.

  • All I can give you advice on is the friends part. Awhile ago one of my best friends went through depression, and we were all suprised because she seems like the happiest person. One of her best friends (we weren't as close then) at that time ditched her because she had too much going on in her life to deal with my friends (her best friends) depression, and my friend has never forgiven her for leaving her when she needed her most. Friends (especially best friends) are supposed to help you, and support you in times of need. If your current ones aren't realising the depth/what's going on in your situation I suggest you leave them, and find new ones who will. There are also many helplines where you can anon chat to professional people about depression. For example Youthline is great. Good luck :)

  • Who calls u beutiful, I'm not saying your not but I'm ugly and my parents are like ohh son your so handsome, but I'm fat

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