Teenage Girls :/

I don't know how i have this amazing ability to f*** every good opportunity up, while upsetting and making other people depressed!, and on top of that i'm literally depressed now :( .

It's as simple as this. I get a few girls hitting on me, i pick the wrong one. the next day, i try speaking to the girl i really want to be with, but i have stood her up for the girl i don't want to be with.

Then!! Both girls will be pissy at me because the girl i hit on is upset because i have just ditched her for somebody else, and the other girl thinks "What! He just expects me to come running back huh?"

Either way, I get hated. it happens to me EVERY TIME and i'm just ending up lonely :(

What do? :(:(

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  • Maybe you should think about who your hitting on and why befor hand because no teenage girl likes her feeling played with

  • you're like 17? get over it....

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