I'm done

I'm going to kill myself. Nothing is going right in my life. I have been depressed for about 6 months now and nothing is ever going to get any better. I don't have any friends. I don't have a job. I'm not going to school. I have a boyfriend who never loved me. He lied to me for over a year now. I feel so unwanted and unloved. I'm an awful person. I'm ugly and fat and a b**** and worthless. There's no point in staying on earth. I'm just a waste of space. I haven't told anyone I'm depressed, because I don't want anyone to think this is a cry for attention. It's not. I'm done. I've been done for far too long. I have no reason to live. I already don't have a "life" I might as well make it permanent and official. I'll never amount to anything. No one wants me here. I should just leave. Good bye. I'm done.

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  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts which took a lot of strength and courage to do. Please do not kill yourself even though you think you are ready to do so. I hear you saying you are depressed for 6 months now, which is long enough. It must be difficult waking up each morning. It sounds as if you have no meaning in your life. Perhaps, you should see a counselor, pastor, or someone you really trust you can make you find a meaning for living. Try to do things that once made you extremely happy, e.g. your favorite hobbies, even if that is difficult to do. It is about taking care of you and worrying about yourself for a change. Please do not worry about anyone else, especially if you are around people who try to bring your down. I would appreciate a follow up to how you are doing in the near future. Best wishes. (Highly recommended for you to look up for local suicide hotline numbers online).

  • I guess the I meant the last 2 comments were from douches, not the first 2, besides the one before this one....You get the idea.

  • The first two comments are d****. It doesn't matter how long you've been depressed, the fact still remains. They think they're "better"or "stronger" than you because they've "lived with it" and "dealt with it". F*ck them! And I know this is really late but I hope you're okay, everything will turn out I'm the end, it always does.

  • I've been insanely depressed for the past 10 years.
    Learn to live with it.
    It's life.

  • You gotta do what you gotta do.

  • :( i feel your pain

  • Please don't kill yourself. The problems you have today, tomorrow, in weeks, in months, in a year, in several years....they will all change. Give your life and other people a chance. Things really do change but you've got to keep trying and stick it out to know.

  • Suicide and suicide attempts are also a cry for attention. The act itself does lasting harm to survivors who wonder what they could have done different to prevent this pain. You will hurt many people who love you and shatter their lives. Please don't.

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