My wife

I introduced my wife to my best friend and at some point we had a threesome and she enjoyed having s** with him, it happens like twice or three times a month between them sometimes when not there.. But when am not there i would always love to hear them having s** and her moan its such a turn on for me.. So i want to know whats going on there..

Who should i tell to give me a call to hear it .. Shes done it once but never wants to do it again..

You think if i tell my friend to call would he? Wouldnt it be awkward for him to do?!

Need help!

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  • Tell her and him that there will be no more s** between them unless you're are there to watch, or participate. If she doesn't listen divorce her ass, and if he doesn't listen shoot the b******. You should have never let them have s** without you being there in the first place dude!

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  • There's nothing wrong with your desires. Just because someone else doesn't share it, means it's wrong. I'm not into gay/lesbian s**, but to each their own. You have every right to make it a rule if you wish.

  • You must out of your mind by allowing your friend to sc**w your wife! Go get your head checked!!

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