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I want to post nude pics/videos of my young wife online without her knowledge. .would love to hear comments on them from total strangers. Anyone interested ?

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  • Mrpleasure699@gmail.com

  • Open-minded Scottish nudist couple. Happy to swap pics in private with similar couple or singles.. Get in touch. No time wasters please. We are genuine. Hope you are?

  • Luv to see her nude pics.

  • Please do...

  • I would like to rate your wife and send you pics of mine

  • I would like to rate any wife's, girlfriends or other and would like to be rated myself. Email me pictures at henryr79@att.net

  • Would love to see pics of your wife drrfiretto@gmail.com

  • I would love to give you comments about your wife's body and perhaps you could rate mine? BirthdayPicture@outlook.com

  • Lmk

  • I will rate your wife HONESTLY without any lies.
    Please send A.S.A.P.

  • Love to see her Howald61@gmail.com

  • Does anyone want to rate my wife email me wrmbethelrd79@icloud.com

  • Email bbw.cumtributes@gmail.com for nudes of my 23 yr old BBW wife. She has no idea I’m sharing her.

  • Mywandering.minds@gmail.com

  • Love to - also swaps with anyone else.

  • Chance4escape24@gmail.com ill take a peek

  • I'm game, this is my wife, rate her and email me for more


  • Erotica2foru@gmail.com.

  • I'd love some. gleason266@outlook.com

  • Erotica2foru@gmail.com if any one want s pics of my hot wife who loves posing for pics

  • Happy to rate for you I'm 31 and will be 100% honest I will exchange wife pics 2 -
    my_mikey oy@yahoo.co.uk

  • My_mikeyboy@yahoo.co.uk
    sorry typo

  • Would love to hit me up at dmotl3@gmail.com

  • Rhenryj42@yahoo.com send them here bro

  • Sellcell1980@gmail.com send them here

  • I have a slim 40 year old brunette wife with awesome t*** and nipples. ryans4135@gmail.com

  • Love to see her

  • Sounds hot!

  • Swaps ?? My_mikeyboy@yahoo.co.uk

  • I'd love to them

  • Would anyone like to c** to mine and tell me what you would do? She's 22 years old... email: mikerluke@hotmail.com

  • I'd love too. gleason266@outlook.com

  • Joe-1966@live.com send to me for rating and comments - will show you my hot blonde milf!

  • Want to see any hot pics. When I was younger I used to share my wife's pic's and share my wife. So would find it a real treat to be on the recieving end of seeing some young hotties...like2watch1576@gmail.com

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  • Smc1@live.nl please

  • Want to see a plump milf?

  • Yes I do. I have pics of mine to share also. Hit me at dmotl3@gmail.com

  • Love a thick wife

  • Yup

  • Trade at dutchfognow@gmail.com

  • Gloverstud74@gmail.com I'd love to see her

  • Roederb@gmx.de

  • If you are still sending them send to glennf01@charter.net

  • Still sending them out, or is this thread dead?

  • Yes

  • Would love to see her pictures let me know i have some in return if you want nbj01603@yahoo.com

  • Willhammer47@yahoo.ca

  • Petervogs@gmail.com

  • Do you really want to break her trust? if you get a thrill out of it, may be she doesnt feel the same way. This can destroy your marriage. so think about it wisely before you send them off to others, whom may spread them even further all over the net. She may find out one day, think how she will feel, and how u will once she cuts your nuts off.

  • Alturnativeenergy@gmail.com

  • Tinantphil@gmail.com

  • Please albert1980perez2@hotmail.com

  • Wildandwonderful89@yahoo.com

  • Sure; I'll give you my honest opinion 😍

  • Where do u want me to send them?

  • Never seen an ass like that on a white girl!!! Printed her pic, poured a glass of wine, and spent an intimate evening j********** all over that fine little s***!!!

  • I would love to see. And I got trades. Demigooncrew@yahoo.com

  • Just came all over ur wife's pic! Hot little b****! Bet she's an awesome f***!

  • She's definitely a ten! Hot little w****!


  • Send to GamerLocksGaming@gmail.com

  • Isn't that illegal posting nude/videos without someone knowledge?

  • If she does not know, that that is disgusting. She trusts you, and you would betray her like that. People like you are the reason why our generation is cynical about marriage and life in general. Shame on you.

  • Willing to trade and comments....dutchfognow@gmail.com

  • Geno_rut@yahoo.com

  • Me too!! elamc122@yahoo.com

  • Definitely please, goophorn@gmail.com

  • Still interested in wife pics?

  • Would love to give you comments sphiil@aol.com

  • Me to, maybe we can trade and rate: Gerf at ruggedinbox dot com

  • Nerdvine21@gmail.com

  • Would love to rate your wife !

  • Pics were hot as h***! Got more?

  • Me too please: markswindells@btinternet.com

  • Send to: touronroute@btinternet.com

  • Fantastic...... WHERE ARE THEY??????? I have several of my wife... And ex... Together

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  • There's plenty of sites to post them on. Xhamster, xtube, xvideos. Send a link

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  • Yup I will give it a bash, just publish the address.

  • F*** yeah, let us know where u post them

  • Yes please. I'll send tribute pics back if u want

  • Tribute pics? Explain.

  • Tribute pics are where people print the pic and you know-j*** off then cu m on the pic then send a pic of the c u m covered pic of the wife back. You know-paying tribute ;)

  • Cool! Like that idea. Need to figure out the most discreet way of getting u the pics. Don't want to post them on just "any" pornsite. Any suggestions?

  • Xhamster and xtube are both safe and popular. U can even keep pics and stuff private so they could only be seen by who you want.

  • Is that where u would post video of u j********** on her pics?

  • Yes or I could send directly to u

  • I'll figure out a way to get u the pics.

  • Send me an email johnrichardson_1976 AT yahoo DOT com

  • Still thinking about sending u those pics. Afraid she'll find out. Would love nothing more than to see pics of her hot,young body/face covered in c**!

  • Young man, why do you want to ruin your young marriage. Do you think she will not get to know about these? Supposing your sisters husband does that to her or your future daughter's husband does that to her and you stumble upon your daughter's nude pictures online? Even if your wife does not know, how about your conscience . . . and then God knowing that you exposed his creatures to l*** etc. ? Why not focus on building an enduring marriage.

  • I also have nude pics of my girlfriend, we can exchange nice pics

  • Would love to see pics of your gf as well! Is she hot?

  • How?

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