I'm 14 and went to the movies one

I'm 14 and went to the movies one night. When I came home I found my mum having s** with a one of my friends Dad's. Should I tell me friend? Also, I watched them have s** for a while, is this wrong?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • So, she's a little w**** who likes s**.

  • it not worng u a******, \\
    its normal to be awestuck and cant look away

  • Wow, sad. Sorry you had to see that.

  • tell your mom and blackmail her into having s** with you.

  • I s your mom hot?

  • I think you know if its wrong or not. Besides that, I dont know. Is the friends dad married? If so, I think you should. Not to be mean, but your mom is being a complete w**** if shes sleeping with a married man and if she's married(to your dad of course), thats even worse. Tell your friend or confront your mom or SOMETHING. Do it before it gets worse
    ~Mrs. Tell It Like It Is~

  • Your mom is a s*** did it turn you on when you watched them have s**?

  • u should have joined them

  • does mom know

  • but not that wrong...

  • Yes, it's wrong.

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