Wifes desire

I have a wild desire to watch my husband f*** another man and have his c*** sucked. We play s** games and he wanted to see men being f***** by two strangers, I did this and I really enjoyed it and so did he.
How do I get him to f*** another man for me

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  • Id want you to tie up and blind fold your husband and tell him you're going to give him an amazing night. I'll come in and start sucking his d*** but he'll be thinking its you. I'll take my time and suck his c*** real good. Then when he's getting close, you can take off his blind fold so he sees me sucking his d***. I'll keep sucking him off whilst I look into his eyes to rile him up.
    I'd tell your husband I'm going to f*** you and your glorious big saggy t*** and the only way I'll stop is by him f****** my ass. Leaving him tied up for a bit, I'll start f****** you every which way! I'll tell your husband that you're my Indian w**** now. I'll f*** you rough and hard. After 5 minutes, I'll untie him, he won't know what to but hopefully when I start c****** inside you he'll pull me out of you, push my head Into the bed and ram his fat c*** into my ass. You'll watch him f*** me real good, pounding me hard, until he c*** in my arsehole. I'll then future around and start sucking his c*** again (yes I'm that dirty) so he's hard again and then we'll both f*** you!

  • Ideally set up a threesome with another guy. If it were me, I'd start with you and then start wanking your husband off. When he gets too excited, I'd slow down, press my lips on the end off his d*** and then take home all inside my mouth and give him a b******. I'd even deepthroat him. But I wouldn't let him c**, I'd turn around, bury my face in your p**** and tell him to f*** my ass. I'd let him f*** me until he c*** in my ass, he has to take me hard, I want his b**** banging against mine, spreading my a****** wide. Then for my reward, I get to f*** either him or you in the ass too.

  • Oh f*** that's sexy, it would have to be me you a*** f***(Sara) iv never had it done but I I want it. Hope you don't mind that we are an Indian couple, me 29 38dd shaven him 35 6in fat and shaven

  • Hi I posted the original reply. I'm Indian too so I wouldn't mind! I want to see pictures of your huge t*** and shaven p****! I will definitely f*** you in the ass Sara. In fact, I'd f*** you in the ass, p**** & mouth everyday for a month while your husband watches with his c*** locked up in a cage. Then after a month, he gets to f*** only my ass just for you to watch. Then we respect ;)

  • Are your big brown t*** saggy, I have never f***** an India, if they are I would let your hubby f*** me. I'm 50 from Oldbury Uk

  • Yes they are a little saggy with big areola and fat nipples. Hubby has agreed to my desire. What he doesn't know is when I went out last night I f***** another white man and sucked his c*** clean.

  • I'm Mark from Oldbury, I keep wanking thinking about your big saggy brown t*** and shaven p****, also your husbands fat brown c***. Iv never had s** with a man but will do it to f*** you. I have f***** an Indian prostitute who had big saggy t***, I loved them and was happy to pay her for s** but she moved away. Do you charge, if so how much?

  • Hi Mark, I'm not a prostitute but will accept any gifts from you. I'm glad your Indian w**** pleased you and gave you the desire to l*** after a saggy t** s*** like me. How big is your c*** darling? We do want to meet you. I know Oldbury. We could meet you at Weatherspoon's at 7:00pm. Have a couple of drinks the a night kinky s**, Raj is looking forward to his 1st gay s** experience xx

  • I just wanked thinking of you, will meet you tonight. My c*** is 8in but thin, id prefer it shorter and fat but it is what it is. Do you want my 8in deep in your a***, I nervous about Raj f****** me with his fat c*** but excited as well x

  • Well Mark, I like the sound of thin 8in c*** going deep into my a***, Raj's fat and hurts like h*** so f*** me deep and pull my fat nipples, I will c**. Do you want me dressed like a tart or traditional dress with no undies. I look innocent in trad but I'm still a dirty b****.
    I had my 1st f*** when I was 12 on a canal tow path in my school uniform. The boy was 18 and was rough but I went back the next day and his friend f***** me. When I got married I said id be a good wife but Raj found my diaries and stripped me and spanked my a***, I could see he had a hardon and told him how much I enjoyed it. That was the 1st time he spunked in my mouth, pulling my hair and calling me a s***. He admitted it turned him on, so here we are, s** mad couple

  • I did it again, I went out and let a guy f*** me in the car park. I confessed to my husband. He was angry ?? and called me a s*** but f***** me, pulled out and told me to suck him and he c** in my mouth.

  • Your t*** sound so f****** sexy! I'd suck them hard and cover them in c** and then make your husband lick them clean. He can lick my d*** clean too. You are a s***. A sexy, gorgeous s*** with huge sexy t*** and a s** drive that needs you to be constantly f*****. Don't feel ashamed. Go out and f*** some more. Start a blog, take lots of pictures of you f****** strangers etc

  • I glad my saggy t*** turn you on, I'm surprised how many men love them, also my plump p**** is wet and no mater what size the c***, they all slid in with ease. Hubby has just f***** me, he has a fat c*** circumcised with a big brown k***. He f***** a white bbw last night and I watched him then licked her out

  • That's so hot, you sound too sexy to share. I'm not sure I'd want to share you with your husband, I'd want you all to myself. All weekend in your house, your hubby can go to a hotel, we'll send him the occasional picture but otherwise I want you to myself. He can come back and find you naked, tied to the bed, covered head to toe in my c**, only your gorgeous big saggy t*** will be c** free as I wouldn't be able to resist licking them. Your husband can lick every inch of you clean.

  • And what did you gain afterwards? What shall it profit you to gain the whole world and lose your soul; or what shall you give in exchange for your soul? Do you know who asked that question? google it!

  • F*** off r*****

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