Just wondering

Question for all you ladies out there. Guys too , if my Young wife to be says she's slept with 5 guys ,what's the real number more likely to be?

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  • I personally love whores they are the best

  • Enjoy the fact that she f**** other men; encourage her to do so; and lick her clean afterwards. You know you want to do it.

  • If it makes a difference to you, your marriage is not going to last very long.

  • 5, duh!

  • Probably best not to treat your wife-to-be like she's a liar. And what does it matter? Should it matter to her how many people you've had s** with???

  • Why does it matter bro. Its the past. Just open up to her dont be a prude. If she did sleep with more guys it just means she is a sexual prowless. Is she fuc king you good? Its all that matters.

  • Depends on what is meant by 'sleeping with'... it's even difficult to count for this reason. Does it have to be in a bed? Does it count if nobody comes? Does touching private parts count? Does same-s** person count? etc....

  • I have slept with 10 but i tell my bf hes my 6th lol..i was a w**** in college right before i met him..oops

  • I was college w**** also. When some one asked me for a date, the decision was based on 'do I want to has s** with him?' The dating would almost always end once we had s**. When my future hubby came along, he was in the military not in college at the time, I put off having s** with him, even though I wanted to, because I didn't want him to go away. Later I found out he was thinking the same.

  • Well, it could be five.
    When she asked you did you lie?

  • 155 from my experience, I told my hubby it was 3 but it was 33. Mind you 15 of those were in one night.

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  • Fifty?

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