clean shaven vs bush baby ?

okay ladies , in all honesty , do u guys prefer a guy clean shave downstairs , or jungle book ... ? because ive spoken to so many women , that give me incredibly freaky answers both ways , so im looking for at least a sort of general consensus .. guys , lemme know what ladies want u to do aswell ...

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I wouldn't want my man to shave it down there, to me it's way more manly for a guy to have a bush. I don't mind it fully hairy, or if he wants to have a trim that's cool to, but not fully shaven. In my opinion.
    I go between shaving and having a bush, depending on what my guy wants, lol.

  • I love hair. Nothing like feeling a guy's pubes tickling my nose as I get as much c*** in my mouth as I can.

  • Shaved is always better. Trimmed is okay too, but giving head is always nicer when it is on a clean, smooth surface.

  • Clean trimmed and smooth b****, leave some hair, just a V above. No hair on ur c*** or b****.

  • What the h***? A landing strip on a guy? End of the treasure trail? Havent even seen that in p***.

  • Depends on the guy. If he is sporty and clean shaven then I reccomend just a strip. If he is kinda hairy than keep that look all the way down. If nerdy then just leave it natural once trained in the s** ways the girl will figure out the best grooming. As far as total shave, that better done with the girl helping, otherwise it looks like the guy is manwhore.

  • I go half and half and no complaints. Groomed pubic bone pubic hair. Nothing longer than 3/4th inch. Shaved bald s******. Feels great during s**, and easier to lick.

  • Every woman is different, and prefers something different.
    My suggestion: Go halfway.

  • I like a nice, well trimmed racing stripe.

    Having NO f******** turns me off.

  • Well...why can't you have something in the middle? I keep mine buzzed off, noone has complained yet, chicks who enjoy clean shaven are grateful for not having to deal with a sasquatch and women who love bush have a little to work with

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