I love urethra stimulation

I saw a bdsm Video recently that involved the Mistress inserting a metal Rod into the C*** of her Slave. She was slowly jerking him and feeding his C*** with that Rod until he just exploded with C**. A week later I found myself still thinking about what I saw and began to read up on it.

Seems they have Two names for it "Sounding" & "Urethra Stimulation" and I dug a bit more until I found Pictures and Stories. Life would go on but whenever I had a moment to reflect I kept thinking about it.

Finally I realized that for whatever reason I wanted to try this. Since the actual Sounds are so overpriced I went to Plan B. I had seen and read enough I could substitute other things as long as I took precautions.

Long Story short I have been Sounding now for Six Months and I love it. There is no doubt it's a Visual thing as much as anything else. It seems the larger Diameter that I insert into my C*** only increases my arousal and my Release is much more intense.

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  • I have been sounding for several years and as much as I enjoy it I have ruined my pee hole. I can insert some rather large diameter Sounds into my c*** but now when I pee it drips after I zip up.

  • Just read your text. I tried sounding a few years ago. Just like you the visual implications was overwhelming. But after I got rather good at it I realized it wasn't all that. Sliding the sound in and out didn't really give me any sexual pleasure at all.

  • You're playing with fire. The tissue that the sound initially contacts is easily susceptible to microfissures, meaning it's open to any germs or bacteria coming in on the rod, as well as in urine. Some of those infections can be treated with antibiotics, but if it becomes septic or if a staph bug finds its way in there, you could lose your p****. Or your life. But even if you don't believe that, or claim not to be worried by it, you will soon find yourself being capable of stimulation and arousal only by this method, and then? Women will no longer be able to do enough to satisfy you, unless they are sounding you, which -- of course -- you can do yourself. Do you really want to no longer be satisfied by women?

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