Halloween helped me out of the closet II

After mom told the girls what she wanted done to me, I was led to a waiting chair. Mom continued talking to the girl in charge but I could not hear what was being said, mom then turned & left, telling me she would see me at home when I was done. One of the girls came over & introduced herself as Patty, she said she would be doing my hair today. Patty asked me if I knew what my mother wanted to have done to my hair, I said no, not exactly, then Patty told me that my mom told them to frost my hair then cut & style it into a very feminine look, Patty asked me if that is what I wanted, I told her not really, that I wanted my hair colored to strawberry blond then cut & styled into a feminine style, Patty looked at me in disbelief, then said, if your sure that is what you want, I told her I was positive that, that is what I wanted. Patty led me to the sink & started by washing my hair, when she was done, she took me back to my chair & began combing & trimming my hair. Patty was making small talk the whole time, asking me who did my eyebrows, why I wanted to be a girl & if I had a boyfriend, I answered her honestly & told her how I always wanted to be a girl & how I loved wearing dresses & skirts & about how I loved my boyfriend, how he made me feel like a real girl in bed. After about 4 hours, Patty was done & spun my chair to face the mirror, she held up a smaller mirror so I could see how the back of my hair looked. I could not believe my eyes, there was no trace of me ever being a boy, I looked like a normal, pretty, teen age girl & I loved it. I knew now, that I would never be a boy again, all I could think about on the walk home, was how I was going to get mom to help me find a doctor to give me hormones. I loved the attention I was getting from some of the cars passing me, blowing there horns at me, I just smiled to myself, thinking, this is the life I have always dreamed about, I can't wait to show mom my new look.

Nov 8, 2015

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