My girlfriend and her kids make me feel very annoyed and mad EVERY SINGLE DAY since several months ago,,
We've been living together for 4 years now, her babies 3 and 4 years old call me daddy,since they only know me and we left it like that....
I really don't want to be with her,I only feel sorry for her also I tried to break up with her but everytime she try to suicide by using a knife against her wrist...she always do stuff out of love she always wants to have s** with me ir make love and I ALWAYS SAY NO OR FIND FOR AN EXCUSE SO I DONT HAVE TO HAVE S** WITH HER,, its been around 8 months since the last time we had s**. She doesn't attract me NOMORE...
Im always thinking about been with someone else and always thinking about leaving to some other state,alone and meet someone WITHOUT KIDS, someone who I could really like physically and emotionally.
Im 39 years old and I NEVER Been happy with my ex girlfriends or my exwife,,, i always chosen them in a hurry because i was feeling lonely,but made the mistake of getting into a relationship too soon and getting together with the person who has none of the things im looking for.
Now it's been few years since I been a extremely unhappy man and i feel destroyed by my own attitude towards my girlfriend and her kids,, i act upset mad and i yell at them and don't give them the attention they need BUT BECAUSE I DONT WANT THEM AND I DONT FEEL LOVE FOR THEM,, it's like everything they do bothers me and make me super upset,, it's like they are on my way...I feel like I want to be left alone,,,, I don't know what to do,,I don't know who to talk to,,, and I don't know how to escape this nightmare ... Please help ??

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  • Stop being selfish. Leave her. Spend time alone and grow some b****. Then MAYBE, you MIGHT be good enough to deserve a relationship.

  • In part you answered a lot of your own issues. First you are being honest. If you leave this woman and her children, do not get into a relationship for some time. BE in one because you are ready for a true commitment and not because you are lonely. The children shouldn't be affected by this, so if you can fake it with them..that would help so it doesn't scar them for their own future relationships. Speaking to a therapist would help initially sort your feelings. But really, it may be that you have to sit your girlfriend down and a therapist and then the therapist can help give her tools to cope. Her threat to commit suicide is scary, but should not be the reason you stay. If she threatens suicide, explain to her that you will have to call the cops and they will most likely place the children in cps and possibly foster care because she will seem unsafe and unstable.

  • Leave so those kids don't have to be yelled at you selfish j***

  • Brother, you need to take a break from this cycle. I found out that I never made the right choices because I distanced myself away from the creator of these humans I chose. I went to him in repentance from my weird ways and made a clean start. Google the gospel today; begin from John and read and pray and find divine help. he did it for me when I was at my lowest.

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