I'm not sure if I can wait for him.
He said hes not ready to date yet(again), but when he is I'm first in line.
Should I wait for him.
Hes been the object of my affection for 10 months, hes my best friend, I love him to death, but can I wait for him, should I?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Find someone who is ready

  • no offense if a guy likes a girl he's gonna go for it.........
    all the 'I'm not ready to date' crap

    he's just not that into you
    so move on sweety

  • he's not ready to date YOU. read the book "he's just not that into you..." it will open your eyes

  • oh no id say it to your face anywhere
    you must not know me very well
    i might even record myself doing so to a random person on the street

    i doubt their first response to it would be f****** me up though

  • ^^^ feels good to say that to someone that can't f*** you up huh?
    Stupid coward.

  • cold j******
    your the s***

  • Wow your all dumb and wrong.
    Except for Mr. Jipper.
    Sweetie deciede for yourslef this is no place to come to get advice.
    Everyone here is a cold j******.

  • Ok, this will be the most helpful advice of your life, listen up:


  • It's like this ok....Ask yourself: Why should i wait around for someone that doesn't want to date right now. I answer: Because I'm a dumb girl who's looking for a romantic movie kind of love that will never happen so I sit here waiting for nothing.

    Actually this goes out to all girls looking for love. Romantic movie romances dont exist except for in the movies. We go to movies to get us out of our daily grind for a couple hours and thats the point. Movies are FICTIONAL. Reality is bills, fighting, raising kids, fighting, going out to dinner once in a while, and more fighting. Don't wait around for romance, it only exists in movies.

    Mr. Jipper

  • tell him theres another guy out there that loves you. that should make him jealous and BOOM makin out in no time

  • Are you in a hurry to get some where?

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