Double Love

I love two different men. I know it's awful to play with someone's feelings but I just can't let either one of them go. I can't stand being away from them. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. The first is 23 and a college student. He's a great guy but always parties and gets drunk all the time and always wants the dirtiest s** but at the same time he says he wants to marry me and have kids. The second is older he's 27 and has a well paying job. Hes really mature and wants a serious relationship but he can be very passive and he hates confronting any problems in our relationship. I think he's just too afraid. The younger one knows I'm a virgin and hes really committed about waiting until marriage and the older one knows to and never rushes me into anything he always lets me decide on how fast or slow our relationship goes when it comes to anything sexual.I am not sure if hes committed to wait for me yet..So I'm worried but I want to find out and then make a decision. I know I'm being selfish but I found two amazing guys within the same time frame. I don't know what to do. I can't choose! Someone help! :(

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  • Do the men know,about each other?
    If not,don't string them along,as if they're p*** on a chess board.You shouldn't use people like that,even if they're,aware of it or not.
    If they found out,they'd be hurt.Be responsible and mature,choose one :)

    Inregards to the comment below,your situation is different,as it appears both the women in your life,know about each other.You mentioned polygamy.I'm not against that.But when I watch that show,"My 4 wives" it p***** me off! I find it greedy and selfish of one man,to four wives.Why can't it be equal such ad; 4 wives and 4 husbands!! That way,you can all swap and s***,when you feel like it.At least then,every woman also has a choice!! It's self conceited,selfish and greedy ti only have,one husband with many wives.What a f****** selfish p****!!

  • I no longer want just one woman.I have told two ladies 30/24,that I am gonna marry them both. I have had s** with the 30 year old once but I have known her long time.I have not had s** with the 24 year old and she is a virgin.They live in a country where polygamy is legal. Enjoy your men and choose one. Its gonna be a tough decision to make. Who will deflower you?

  • Have s** with both of them. see who you like better

  • Nothing says you HAVE to choose. So . . . don't. Enjoy them both. Make love to them both. Ease up on yourself. Have fun! That's what s** is for.

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