He's the only one

I am 100% sure that i am in love with my ex.. he's on my mind 24/7. Hes a blessing and idk where i would be without him. He feels the same way but he has a girlfriend which really sucks because i would get back with him in a second. Call me crazy but i think hes the one.. we always end up getting back together like we love each other and idk i just really miss his kiss,hug.. just him in general. Hes the only guy i would consider being in a relationship with again and hes the only guy i felt this passionate about. I just wish he knew how i really feel.. he knows some of it but not all.
I apologize for all the grammar mistakes.

Mar 9, 2015

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  • He probably seems more ideal -- or less objectionable -- now that you're away from him. What you're feeling for him isn't "for" him, it's "for" something better. You'll stop having these feelings for him when you meet someone else who pays serious attention to you, the kind of attention you deserve.

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