I love him

Hi, im a 37 years old married woman with two sons. married life is not great but im managing.my husband is very good person who remains always busy in his work and most of the days remains out of station. i am highly energetic active and ambitious. to engage myself i did my higher education and got my doctorate and am working as a professor in a college. everyone in my family friends and at workplace haveve lots of respect and are very proud of me. Ive so many credits to my side and have a high value system and i stand by it.so my life was good though not great.family job friends and all. before six months an old student (12 years younger to me) texted me in facebook and i was replying him as a student. then we got along well and became good friends. he is a very good boy. but after some days he told me that he was having a crush on me from his college days. i didnt take it seriously and then again we were chatting daily and there was a bonding between us.i started to enjoy his company and was emotionally attached to him.we chatted day and night when he said that he was in love with me.i too was convinced got carried away with the new feeling and felt love for him. though i never saw him in person.he says that love has no age and blah blah..i was really feeling love for him.he is such a good boy and is committed that he does not think of anyone else. bt i keep saying that such a feeling for a married woman is wrong. for which he says that we are not going to get married, nor am i asking you to leave your family or spouse, nor we are physically involved. this is love and love is eternal. i vl be there for you for life time. i will get married and have a family but i will always love you.i liked it. but his thoughts were constantly engaging me. i was always thinking of him. so i took a decision and asked him not to text me again and leave from my life. i know he will be shattered and me too. he didnt text me after that. i keep on thinking about him coz i know that he will be in pain.now i want some suggestions so that i can come over everything and stop thinking about him. im engaging myself in different activities and im busy. but his thoughts are constantly haunting me!i love the feeling of being in love and know that this boy is also true. i did this bcoz..though i feel love for him i know that its not right.
But the thing is that i really love him a lot and so does he. should i continue this love with him or should i let him go.
can u ppl pls help me to come out of all this. thank you.


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  • You have children you need to put them first. Lots of people feel love for others and do not act on it. Please cut this off, you will ruin your children's lives and yours - you need to have more alone time with your husband, you simply miss feeling in love. Remember, spice it up with your husband!

  • I know of these cases; it doesn't end well. The moment you get down to s** with him, he will video it unknown to you. Once the passion is dissipated, he will seek younger ladies and still hold you captive with the arsenal he had gathered. drop him like a hot charcoal. Get closer to God in your life and you will overcome this breach of trust in your marriage.

  • Yea, already, those "chats" are part of the arsenals he is gathering. The earlier you cut him off, the better.

  • Throw away that boy that want to ruin you!

  • Leave this boy and work on your marriage! It is not greener on the other side like you think. A man promised a friend of mine "heaven on earth" to leave her marriage (her husband was busy and out of the country). She lied that she had done so only to find out soon that the man had 3 other concubines years younger than her! She was blessed she did not break her marriage.

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