Sick of the bible thumper on here!!!

Just about Every g******* post I read. This fuc ken moron post some shi t about god and pretty much cuts and pasts proverbs and recites the bible. It is ruining this confession site.

Dude who cares if anything you can do better by getting off your as s and preach in person. What a fuc ken loser. I bet you get off reading thear post and feel guilty after jackking off to them. Get a fu cken life you pun k as s bitc h!!! You are going to hel l for lingering around here and reading dirty stories. Its the same as hanging out with people who curse alot. So hel l is in your future dam n satin little bitc H!!!

Anyone else care for the admin to get this lap dog out of here?

Nov 16, 2015

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  • There are a lot of mental deficients on this site who bang the same drum with frantic, autistic-like fervor. God boy is only one of them. They *all* need a life, and none of them will get it because they're too inept to even buy a gallon of milk at the corner store without f****** it up.

  • F*** him! F****** bible thumper stay on topic.

  • It is up to those that own the site to protect it from perverts. And doG is the biggest pervert ever imagined by man.

  • Do not feed the trolls. The bible thumper is a troll and being a troll will be (a) of very low intelligence, (b) low or non-existent educational achievement, (c) will not be able to attract sexual partners and (d) will be both a moral and physical coward. These are the results returned from a number of studies about internet troll activity but basically the cowardice is the central pillar of a trolls makeup. He/She will be too cowardly to go outside his squalid room to abuse people face to face, they can only do it on the web.

  • You realise that by posting this, you're letting them know they're getting to you and thus succeeding in their aim, right?

  • So just ignore them and hope they'll eventually get bored and go away? No. Lack of pushback means they feel free to keep spouting their crap even more. Learn a few things about human nature.

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