I Am God

I honestly confess that I Am God. As a child growing up I never was able to come out and confess this truth. I am a whole heartedly loving and caring God. I want the world to know that I am God. I wish the world could love me for who I am. My Enemy is Obama and the US Government, My job is to save those who believe in me. If you're reading this confession post you're reading the words of your God. You have to believe in me. I AM GOD

Oct 11, 2016

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  • Hey man am i goin to heaven?

  • This sure is a hard life you make me live.

  • How can anyone love you? You created a place of fiery torment and if you go there you stay forever. After a billion years its like its the first day. You allow children to starve to death. You allow diseases. You don't answer prayers.

    I'll go so far as to say that if people would ignore you they would be better off.

    My first cousin and three of her young friends were killed by a drunken driver who ran a stop light at a high rate of speed. So where were you?

    Why do people have cancer? Asthma? Born deformed? Blind? ETC? If you are truly the all-powerful merciful god the holy books say you are then why do you just sit up there looking down and doing nothing?

  • Dear God, I know you're busy and all but I've been meaning to ask why you felt it necessary to take my daughter away at such a young age??? There was so much she never got to see!!1 Godamnit all to helll!!

  • Blasphemy. Pray for forgiveness, you sinner. Learn humility.

  • Dear "God" do you have a******? If you have please shut that.

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