My underwear!

I am a manger of 40 people in a large insurance company, and am know for getting results and people working harder than they thought they could. My family see me as the free women and in control of all. I am 30 married female 5'5' 32c size 14 and at work people do what I say, but my husband is in charge at home, what I wear to work he picks for me. I can not choose anything, it started soon after are wedding day when he got ride of my underwear and had bought me new stuff black, white and one animal print. Thongs only and stockings and he would put them out for me to wear. Now it is everything, I'm not allowed to use the front door, when in the house I wear a collar and must admit I love it.
If my family and colleagues knew what would they think I'm his little s*** n will do anything to please him!



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  • One of my business friends is like this. She's a beautiful, German blonde with a killer..Killer body, wears tight skirts and button-downs, and is as tough as her 2" long nails. Puts out the "hot b**** boss" vibe and that's how people feel about her. Hot, but a b****.

    I was visiting her office late one day, and we're talking about this and that..She leaned over in front of me, locking her knees so the skirt rode up, and I caught view of bright pink, lacy thong. We're good friends, so I joked "Nice thong, T", which made her laugh.

    "Tom (her husband, whom she also cheated on when it made business sense) has this thing that I have to wear what he says every Friday. He picks sexy things so when we go out, I don't need to get changed..". Told me she hides it from her employees, most of whom were men, so they wouldn't hit on her or stop seeing her as b**** boss.

    Since I was the only one who knew, I'd ask her to wear things for me, too, if we were on the road together..She did.

  • I love dirty whores s**** the dirtier the better also young s**** are the best

  • There is no gainsaying that folks are here to help this poster scatter her marriage. Shouldn't a wife dress to please her husband? Yes, while at work be the boss and while at home, be the wife. Satisfy him and get satisfied with good s** and do not listen to those who want you to go into adultery. When your marriage breaks, they will not be there while you lick your wounds. Divert your youthful energy into more productive ventures; work out, charity, reading books like "tough times never last . .." "purpose driven life" etc. spice your life with the knowledge of God. Get excited about life.

  • I'm glad you know your place, I'm 45 and my husband started the same with me 20yrs ago, he also makes me wear is chastity belt. What he doesn't know is I found the spare key and had a copy made, now I go out Monday to Friday and f*** strangers, I have done this for 10yrs

  • Yeah right.

  • Wow. How many have you f*****, you dirty b****.

  • Over 2000, and love it, he doesn't know and thinks he is controlling me

  • I love it when he removes the chastity belt thinking my sloppy p**** is his only, he only f**** me on a Saturday night, he has a huge c*** but spunks very quickly. I laugh and tell him how useless he is and he gets angry and locks me up again.

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