When I was about twelve years old I got suspended from school for 2 weeks, even though they eventually found out I didn't do anything. So since I was "misbehaving" my Egg-Donor/Womb Donor (I don't see her as my mother) called my Sperm-Donor (whom I haven't seen for a long ass time) So he comes and starts talking to me about doing better and school and what-not I didn't care at all because I never acknowledged him as a father, back to the point. So my egg donor decides to let me in on a little secret, she tells my sperm donor to tell me how I came to existence so he does "I poked holes in the condom and boom you were there...." I never really was depressed seeing as I was only in 6th grade but as I got older I grew quieter and weirder, i started losing friends and pushing everyone away. Now grade 8, 14 years old my elder sister and me used to call each other adopted, we just laughed and giggled away. I had to pick up my younger brother who lives with my egg donor up the block (who i never really lived with). I get to her apartment and we have a conversation about life, and she says "you know when I found out I was pregnant I went to the abortion clinic, but I went to the wrong floor an Anti-Abortion place, and I ended up not ending your life so I guess that's the reason you're here, god must have a plan for you." That's when I retaliated "I f****** hate you, you aren't my f****** mom b****, I'm disowning you as my mother" Then I ran back to my grandmothers house and went through a emo stage (didn't cut myself or anything, just thought about killing myself and running away) That's my confession lol.

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  • You self centered little p****, f*** you and your attitude. Granted, your parents sound like trash, but now you can do a self inflicted late term abortion, so just go and kill yourself.

  • Boy o boy have you got attitude problems. Get real you silly cow, there is a whole World out there and it doesn't give a f*** about your problems. Treat people with the same respect as you think they should treat you with and btw stop all this childish crap about 'sperm donor & egg donor', it's quicker to write Mum & Dad. But I suppose if your Mum was that stupid to go to the wrong floor then it's in the genes.
    Why are you Laughing Out Loud about it?

  • Dear little one, I am so sorry you went through this.

    You are here to love someone and bring love to other people!

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