Cheap feel on my aunt.

Even though most everyone sees me as normal, and I consider myself to be a very good dad to myddaughter, I think I have some serious underlying problem. Granted, I watch WAY to much cheap p***, which is surly my biggest problem. So I've gotten into the whole "tabboo" thing and really want to f*** my mom, both of my aunts and my moms friend...just not at the same time. So to make matters worse, I'm in my early 40's and they're all in their 60's....with my mom being 67. They're also all married except for my moms friend and she's widowed. So when I j*** off and really need to get off, I think about someone from that group. Well, my perversions have gotten worse and the other night while we were all riding the trolley to look at Christmas lights, I treated the waters. It was a very small test, but a test nonetheless. So I'm sitting beside my aunt and I laid my hand down between us. We were crammed onto the seat with my daughter on some side of me, my aunt on the other, my uncle beside her and 7 other family members sitting behind us. I casually eased my hand over to my aunts ass and gently brushed it. I then left it there to see what would happen and she would slowly ease onto and off of my hand, talking to me all the while. I let this go on for about 15 minutes, dodmt want to get busted by the family. That's given me the confidence to make another move, thus time a little bolder. I really want to whip my d*** out on her and bes her to suck it. Not quite sure if I'm ready for all of that yet. I have a VERY close family and we alllive in the same small rural town so I certainly don't want to f*** anything up. However, it would be one seriously crazy, wild and ultra intense o***** if she gave it to me. To get out from my mom would be the Holy Grail of o****** for me. I'll have to come back later and let everyone know how it went

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  • How I overcame p***/ masturbation:
    1. Veggie diet for a while to concentrate on the following 2. Work outs 3. reading of inspirational books; gospels, tough times never last, purpose driven life etc. 4. setting my gadgets on filter 5. setting life goals and being excited about them. 6. trusting absolutely in God and doing charity works.

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