My Daughter in law sends me pics.

My Son got married recently and it wasn't long before his new bride began to text me with questions about my Son. She would ask if there was something that happened with a previous GF that she was unaware of. I told her my Son didn't go into much details of his past relationships and I didn't know what she was getting at. So a short time later she sends me a "selfie" of her wearing a rather short skirt and platform heels. She has some makeup on and Lipstick. Honestly it was the best I had seen her look since she and my Son began to date. Normally she is totally without makeup and wears nothing but raggy jeans and flip flops. Within 30mins I get three more selfies with her wearing different outfits and heels to match. So I text her back asking why she is sending these pictures to me to see? According to my Daughter in law she says my Son doesn't like her to wear these kinds of outfits, and for sure he doesn't want her wearing any makeup at all. So now every so often she will send me a selfie with her all dressed and makeup applied. So my Confession is that I haven't said anything to my Son and I haven't told my Daughter in law to stop sending me her selfies either.

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  • Invite her to meet you at an out of town motel, so you can take pics of her in different outfits. Buy her some Victoria Secret outfit to model. Obviously she wants Daddy in law d***

  • Dude, she wants the D.

  • Fu#k her, hard

  • And often!

  • Ask her to model for you in person, and see where it goes. Or tell her you've got something your SO doesn't want , but she might look good in.

  • Dude, seriously, post the link so we can see how hot she is, please.

  • You best nip this in the bud, unless your interested. If you are, same on you because your loyalty "should" be to your son. Tell him quickly and tell him if he wants you to continue to see how far she will go. You son is imposing his demands on what she wants to do - that is a disaster in the making. If she doesn't have you as an audience she will find someone else. That being said, she is hitting on you...and will hit on anyone. Best keep your loyalty to your son and see if there is divorce materials...because on is on the horizon.

  • Your walking on dangerous ground, but if she isn't young and dumb to get you caught by your son looking at her phone texts than go with it! I know it's not conventional behavior but if you and her keep your head you are set for a wonderful closer than most daughter-n-law relationship. You better clear this up with her before things progress any farther, let her know that you will delete every pic if she does the same after each communication otherwise you won't be able to help her with your honesty about how great and naughty she looks. Go with if and to h*** what others think, they're just jealous man!

  • Dude if you tell her to stop she'll just move on to someone else to give attention. compliment her. be affectionate. don't hint at sexual stuff.. act oblivious and supportive. ride this one out.

  • Easy! Shotgun!

  • Tell her to stop sending the pics.........unless she is ready and willing to come to your house and let you do to her body what those pics make you want to do to her body. If she's bluffing, that will call it. If she's not, you're gold. My guess? You're gold.

  • How old is she?

  • Ask her to send them to me

  • Exactly what you should do; tell you daughter in law to mind her home and stop sending these pics to you.

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