Are these stories real?

Just as the title implies.... are these confessions real and legit? Because some of them are unbelievable

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  • I'm sure there are many stories are real. Some of them I read are just fantasy
    in someone's mind. There are others that are just plain scary and I would hope they were not real.

  • I hope the stories about guys wanting to f*** their Daughters is bullshit!

  • Some are true some aren't. SOme are embellishments on things that really happened but heres something you might want to ponder.

    As wseird and unbelievable as some of the confessions and stories are the truth about what happens in the world is far weirder.

  • And you know all this how?

  • Disprove my statement. Otherwise, accept my wisdom and stfu ;)

  • Most are unbelievable, the rest are down right disturbing

  • I would expect that less than 10% of them are real.

  • Not that that stops the delicate Gen Zers and other losers from whining "omg u guyz r meeeean" every month or so.

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