I want to kill myself

Today was a bad day. I stopped trying to make myself throw up all the time about a month ago, but today.I totally lost control. I just couldn't stop bingeing and purging. Now every time.I see a tall building all I can think of and picture is myself jumping off of it. I just looked through my medicine and cleaner cabinet to figure out exactly what would kill me. I'm 14. I don't think I can take this much longer. Nothing is the way it used to be. I keep trying to distract myself but nothing works. I'm not who I used to be. My personality is fake and everythingi say is a lie. No matter how muchi try I can't stop the depression from taking over me. Thisis the firsttime I've ever written it all outa and now I can see how truly f***** up I am. I don't deserve to live.

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  • Im interested in knowing what kind of diet your eating, something is causing a chemical imbalance with you, and you need meds to even you out, please ask for help dont be embarrassed

  • What chemical imbalance? OP was 14. That's all the "chemical imbalance" you need. Quit trying to complicate the matter so you sound intelligent, it's not working.

  • I know that feeling... I guess we're the same. Except for the age of course.

  • You are at a tough age. very hard. you just have to bare it and push through. lean on those who care. it gets better. a lot better.

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