Cannot tell my friends/family that i've been smoking crack for the past week. Going to a trap house/Drug house, and seeing some pretty serious s*** go down. Afraid im gonna get addicted too. I have no urge to go smoke it, but at the same time i know im gonna be back down there soon to get more. Need help dunno what to do. Can't tell my family because they will trip and overthink.

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  • Like any addiction the easiest way to kick it is at the beginning when you have a choice. Take that choice and turn your back on it. There are plenty of things out there that are not addictive, stick to smoking grass. Smoke it neat do not mix it with tobacco, that way I became addicted to nicotine and it took me some years to get off it. The old Mary Jane is also good in hash cookies too, if you don't want to smoke anything. It just takes a bit longer to get off. But please avoid the nasties like crack etc.

  • The first time you sucked the glass d*** you were addicted. Not sure if you're a female or male, either way you'll be turning tricks soon to get more.

  • Dude....leave that s*** alone. I ruined my life for a long time.


  • Doesn't take much to get addicted to crack and you say you still may go back.. Just stop. Addiction is greater than you. And your family should trip and over think it and so should you.

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