Real racheal or bullsh*t ballet

I dance for a ballet company. i have this teacher.. she goes by racheal. shes the most strict person ive ever met. she yells and screams at me and i lose it i just want to grab something and throw it at her while cussing her out just so she knows how it feels to be hurt.. she needs a taste of her own blood. i once was caught chatting during practice and afterwards she comes to me and yells at me and said it herself that she was disgusted by me and you know what she did? she scheduled a meeting to have it on my permanent record that i am a complete troublemaker and that you dont recommend me for anything from schools to activities to jobs. well thats down the drain. she completely p***** me off. i hate ballet anyways so when i quit i hope shes happy.

Nov 28, 2015

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  • Every dancer I've known has been a deranged, spoiled little diva. That's dancers AND teachers (who used to be dancers but got old or injured and are now bitter shadows of themselves). So who knows who the "bad guy" is here? Probably both of you. Split a stick of celery between you, do a few rails, and then bond over creating rumors about everyone you smile at to their faces. That's just a day in the life for weirdos like you.

  • You should quit but before you do you need to get Rachel told, and let someone in management know how she's treating the dancers. People like her only learn when folk treat her as she treats others. Take care now.

  • Did you not have to be able to write decent sentences to join a ballet company?

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