Hubby request

One of my favourite things is when my husband half f**** me, hands tied to the bed posts. Then sticks a fat d**** up my cuny and straddles me and wanks over my t***.

I'm 42 chubby with big b****, I have only had s** with my hubby but last week after he wanked over me, he carried on f****** me with the d**** making me c** several t***. He was calling me a fat s*** and how I wanted other c****. He had never done this before so I played along, saying "yes iv had plenty of c*** and want more" he took a picture of me bound, covered in s**** and d**** up me. I asked him why he took the pic and he said he had sent it to his mate Pete and asked him if he wants to f*** you. He showed me the message and it said "fat s*** available"

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  • Sounds like my wife.

  • Maybe I should meet you wife for some l**** fun

  • Pete and his brother have just paid a visit. Had an hour of pleasure, I do love a c*** in both ends, especially when they swap around and the c*** in my mouth is covered in s**** and my own c*** juice. Then they paid me and asked if they could give my number to a friend who wants cheap prostitute, I agreed and he will visit me this afternoon

  • I love fat slags, where you from I want f*** you. Do you do a***. I have an 8in c*** but its thin?

  • Never had a*** so don't know, I will get hubby to f*** my a*** and let you knew. His c*** is fat so it will probably hurt but a thin one sounds good ??

  • Hubby was amazed that I suggested f****** me up the a*** but soon oiled his c***, pinned my legs back and forced his fat k*** into my tight a***. After the initial pain I quit enjoyed it but he spunked quickly. I will use my d***** to loosen it up

  • You stories are so hot! Tell us more!

  • You are a fat s*** and you sound amazingly sexy! I wish I knew your husband do I could come round and f*** you.

  • Yes I am a fat s*** now, often go out and pick up strangers to f*** me. I'm amazed how many me like chubby big t***. Yesterday two brothers f***** me in the back of their van, I got the bus home with s**** running down my leg's and soaking my stockings. Yummy. Where you from? I'm up for a f*** with you

  • I'm in west London. I'll lay my cards on the table now, I have a small d*** (5 inches) but I used to have a chubby girlfriend who came every time we had s**. I really want a fat s*** mistress to humiliate my tiny c***, maybe make me watch other men f*** you and then to give me 5 mins to f*** you and c** (whilst you humiliate me more). I'm willing to pay for this, would you be a mistress?

  • Id love to put your little c*** in a cage and entertain several other men, sucking, f****** and wanking them over my t***. You c*** would get hard and painful as its constrained by the cage but id release your puny little c*** at the end and let you f*** me and suck my s**** covered t***, her you c** you will lick my c*** clean. How much would you pay me?

  • Oh mistress, my little dickie is all yours. Please I beg you to humiliate me like that. I'll lick c** out of any hole of yours. And I will lick your entire body clean. Mmmm I'm amazing licking c** off your big t****** and belly. How much would you expect?

  • Train fare £40 + fee £30 per hour

  • Yes mistress, how much notice do you need? I will need to make some excuse to my wife, travelodge ok?

  • Id like to lick her c***

  • 7 days

  • Ps, forgot to say hoPackages are rarely this late, and we’re sorry yours still hasn’t arrived. f****** hot that story was, you sounds like an amazing fat s*** ;)

  • I am indeed and getting kinkier by the week, been thinking of lesbianism for a while I must try it. Anyway you little c*** w*****, I bet its skinny as well isn't it barely a mouthful to suck on, you w*** my spunky c*** though don't you baby c***

  • Yes it's skinny, i struggle touch the sides on some girls, and by the sounds of it you could deep throat me with no issues my mistress. I would love to w*** my little c*** while you f*** another woman. I'm wanking my little d*** now at the thought of you doing all kinds of naughty things.

  • Well baby c***, just had a f*** in a taxi, my 1st Indian c***, took his condom off and sucked him clean. Yum

  • Omg. I'm Indian, but born in Britain. Did he have a little c*** like mine too? I've just c** in my pants playing with my little skinny c***.

  • Stop, I will tell you when you can touch that baby ?? c***. Beg me and I'll let you maybe

  • Mistress, my baby d*** owner, please let me stroke my embarrassment of a c*** I have, please allow me to stroke 2 finger up and down my tiny skinny c***. My sister in law caught a glimpse once and said her dog had a bigger d*** than me. Please can I play with my little dickie??

  • Ok, let me know when you s****

  • I jerked off and came all over myself, I licked some up in preparation ;)

  • It was a good size circumcised with a lovely fat k***, he was a big spunker as well.

  • I can s**** good with my little thing, it's like the little pencils in Argos squirting silly string. I would love to c** all over your glorious saggy mistress s*** t*** and lick it all up. I want to eat random c** out of your p**** and then I want to stick my tongue in your bum and give it a good lick, will that please you?

  • Have you got some other men to f*** me as you watch

  • I will find some, I don't want my friends knowing my dirty fetishes. Or we could find some strangers together, you can walk around telling them I'm going to lick up their c** after they've f***** you. You could have me on a lead?

  • Lovely

  • Haha whoops Amazon paste by accident.

  • My t*** are 42gg and saggy but have huge areola and fat nipples, I'm fingering my hairy p****

  • Love it-do my wife

  • Any time

  • I adore saggy b****** like you, bet your milky white t*** are soft and squigy. Id love to f*** you and w*** on your t*** and pay you £30 l john from Wolverhampton

  • Hi john Wolverhampton isn't fat from me it an extra £10 for travel expenses so it will be £40. I available this afternoon. Let me know when and where x

  • 7pm today at the bar in the Grand Theatre. Hope you wear stockings and suspenders

  • I have stockings and suspenders on and I have link red hair and will be wearing a black velvet coat. See you at 7:00pm

  • Thank you Jane, you are by far and the cheapest prostitute I have had. You suck like a hoover and f***** like a girlfriend, your saggy s*** t*** are to die for and your juice c*** was the best. Cant wait till next week xx

  • Thank you, I love you c*** wanking over my face and t***. I will bring a whip and strap on next week x

  • If I could watch you, could I eat his c** from your saggy s*** t***?

  • That sounds f****** sexy!

  • I will suck their d**** clean if you tell me too ;)

  • Oh you will, you will suck them hard to f*** me then lick my c*** clean after every one, then I will spank you brown a*** and f*** you with a strap on as they humiliate you pathetic little c***

  • I will suck them like a cheap dirty little teenage w**** at a party they'll be close to c****** again. Then I'll f*** you with my little d***, your c*** will be sloppy with all the other guys' c**, you won't even feel my tiny c***, but I'll c** so quick. Then I'll get my tongue deep inside your delicious c*** and clean you out. Yes sexy s*** mistress, spank me for being a little b****, I'll wear pink panties and a bra so it's clear I'm a huge sissy with a teeny d***. Then f*** me with a strapon, I bet it's bigger than my d***, f*** my sissy ass hard and rough, when you've had enough I'll turn around and suck on your strapon! Oh my, ice c** in my pants without even touching myself!

  • I was still tied to the bed when Pete arrived, hubby said she is all yours. He stripped got between my legs and f***** me, hubby knelt beside me wanking. He spunked all over my face and Peter did the same in my c***, I was wriggling to try and pretend not to want it but I loved every minute of it, he pinned me down and f***** me roughly. They spent ages swapping around, Peter has a circumcised c*** and I adored it in my mouth and swallowing his s****.
    When they untied me they humiliated me saying I was a fat s*** as I stood wit their s**** all over me

  • I wish I knew you, tell us more! :)

  • You could were you from? After a week Pete told me hubby had charged him and his brother £30 each to f*** me. They now come around once a week, l change them £30 on their own or £50 together. I like being a fat s*** prostitute

  • Where you from, I need a cheap fat s*** prostitute. How long do you get for £30. Just had a w*** thinking of your big saggy t***. Do you do bare back? Is a*** extra

  • I'm only a prostitute for Pete and his brother. If you take me out for the night its free and yes I will do a***. If you just want to have me as a prostitute its £50 including a*** and a condom must be used except oral I will suck your c*** bare as I love the taste of s**** xx

  • Come to Liverpool I'll pay for an accom pls

  • Any chance off c****** to Liverpool xx

  • Oh yes when?

  • Hello can I call u to arrange Liverpool trip

  • Anytime are u free this week I'll pay for train an accom

  • Yum yum, wish he was my mate

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