Last night I was dreaming about my first cousins two daughters. Never in my life have I ever been attracted sexually to either of them but the oldest daughter warned me in the dream not to touch her v*****. The girl is twentyseven years old and not once in my life did I ever do anything to make her say that.

Her younger sister was sitting down with a human legbone in her lap. I didn't understand why she had that. I was very troubled by this dream and I woke up.

The girl with the legbone in her lap has been dead since december 31st 2010 the victim of a horrific car accident. She died in a car with two of her friends the victim of a drunken driver; and the girl who warned me not to touch her v***** is a rape victim.

God I hate dreams like that.

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  • I'm an expert in interpreting dreams, and what this one means is that you should find the 27yo and f*** the s*** out of her. You'll have to take my word for it.

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