Searching Internet for Halloween Events

I searched google advanced search last night, I typed in 'Newark Halloween Pictures' and google images returned 3 images so I clicked on web and some links came back one for this site that's why I'm on here.

I read a post on here about some people that went to the Newark Halloween Event. I went to the 2014 event with two of my friends and we had set up our tents next to these 3 guys and these 2 girls who claimed they were 12 and 14 who we believed at first to be a couple. There confession on here said they dressed like Playboy bunnies, but many people especially girls dressed up in all sorts but what hit was what the confession said about her friend she said here friend ended up in a tent with two guys. Well the girls we sat next too,from what I remember of that night one of them disappeared with her bf and left her friend with this guy, me and my two friends had been sat with this group drinking and they asked for some of what we were smoking. The guy that was left with this girl went to bed and zipped himself up in his tent and left this girl outside on her own we stayed with her and she followed us to our tent.

We drank until around 11 and a few of us kissed her my friends had s** with her. there confession mentioned these fishnet tights her friend wore were missing the next morning I remember she put them back but they had been ripped because my friend said she could not get them off inside his sleeping bag we packed and left much stuff behind and left these must be the same people.

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  • This is just pitiful. Same old same old.

  • What are you talking about?

  • Nah. The b**** who posted that confession is the same one posted this one.

  • Lol last time I checked I had a d*** lol

  • No one cares about you or the two s****. Gtfo of here liers

  • Whatever lol you idiot

  • Oh, for f***'s sake! Not THIS s*** again!!! Didn't we already shoot these turds down before???!?

  • Did you? This is the first time I posted on here...

  • Sounds like the girl was abused to me.

  • Abused?

  • "Raped". Is that clearer for you?

  • So your two friends f***** her but you never?

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