I have a lot of depression and anxiety. i am a teenager and i know i just sound like everyone else but my parents are terrible people. they really have no concern for me. my dad hates girls and women and wont even respond to me when I speak let alone look at me. he wishes for a son and only gives attention to his girlfriend's son. he goes to all his games but leaves all my dance events. my mom is a stressed workaholic who takes everything out on me and has no concern for my feelings or belief. ive told her about killing myself and all shes done is yelled at me for breaking down into panic attacks and punishes me further. a few months ago i was pushes so over the edge and i made a plot to murder very ashamed by it but honestly its still something that haunts my mind. i could never do it but i dont feel comfortable living with her.


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  • Here's the thing.. when you're a baby there are manuals about how to take care of you. What do your cries mean. What happens at age 2 etc. When you get into your teens there are no manuals for that. And even though your parents were teens themselves they probably are unsure how to relate to you all the time. These are meant to be excuses. But sometimes they way you learn to parent is through your own parents. So that may be what your experiencing. Your dad may not know how to relate to young teen girl. And it sounds like you want a relationship with him. You may have to directly say to him what you need from him. Men are clueless sometimes, even with their own daughters. And for your mom, have a sit down with her when she comes home from work. Ask her when she has a moment, you really need to talk with her. Do it calmly and explain to them what you need. Have you been going to a therapist to be treated for depression and anxiety?

  • Ok so it sounds like they are divorced since your dad has a girlfriend. Your mom is probably struggling her ass off just to provide. I'm sorry you can't confide in your mom without her making it worse. She probably isn't even aware that she is making it worse on you. Unfortunately, and I learned this very young, you have to love yourself and can't always count on others , which sucks when family lets you down. Please reach out to a counselor at school. Do you have any friends you can confide in? get a journal and write in it, listen to music. Trust me though, you will get through this and live happier times, but please delve into your schoolwork because if you get a good education at least you will be able to afford a good lifestyle.

  • You know what you owe them? Work hard to prove to them that a girl is a most valuable asset! Look inwards and find out that special gift that God has bestowed upon you. Who wouldn't want to be a parent to an achieving female? No need to kill yourself or them (and end up in jail etc.). Your mom's attitude of working so hard is probably to give you the future that she had noted that your dad is not interested in investing on. Take out time to read the book "purpose driven life".

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