I dont belive in god!

I dont belive in god!

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  • Everyone belives in some sort of a "higher power"

  • I believe God will condemn all of you

  • I believe God is ruining my life on purpose.

  • ^ I found him, he was in my tool shed, hiding from Immigration.

  • B**** you better find Jesus, cause he's going to slap the s*** out of you!

  • It takes MORE faith to not believe there is a God. Where did the universe come from? Where does the inherent sense of good and evil come from? Where does the longing to live forever come from?

  • Its called sin everyone!!! Man has free will.

  • SPELLCHECK===believe

  • i like baked beans 2...

  • how could anyone believe in god? so much bad stuff happens in this world to people that dont deserve it

    quite frankly i think people are wasting their time, they dont really worship god for the sake of praising him, they do it so they dont go to h***, other religions fast and pray daily at certain times of the day and even dress a certain way to worship their god, but no christians and catholics and more just worship god so they dont go to h***

    i dont even believe in heaven or h***

    if there was a god, wouldnt my two 10 year old twin cousins still have a dad
    if there was a god, would the holocaust ever have happened
    if there was a god, no one would be raped or murdered

    where is god?

  • lol go god god god god!!!

  • You two don't believe in me? A plague on both your houses!

  • Neither do I.

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