Now if your christian and about to scroll down just listen to what I have to say. God is Fake. Think about it, there is just way too much evidence to support the fact that he doesnt exist. For starters, are you really going to belive in a book written in desert scribblings and wrote by primitive tribesmen? Yes you will want to. Everybody wants to belive that there is something that will take care of all your problems, make you feel loved, or maybe your looking for something that will do your work for you.Well the bible offers this. But you cant just pray and things get done for you. YOU HAVE TO WORK FOR WHAT YOU WANT. Another thing, SCIENCE WORKS. Think, is there cells? YES Does evolution exist? You will want to say yes and no,ok so what magically "God" was around and THEN he kicked in evolution to work for him.NO, Evolution has always been here, just look at our appendixes. It was used for digesting meat, raw meat. I want YOU to explain to me the errors in my argument. trust me there will be a part two but I am getting tired and I could go on and on.Unlike a christian, because if you argue with them, and they run out of answers they will say,"well your just wrong," and walk off. SO REPLY BACK PEOPLE

Jun 28, 2012

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  • This is how I see evolution.

    Lets say a cake needs to be made. Pans are under the sink. Flour in the pantry. Eggs in the refrigerator. Sugar in the freezer, etcetera etcetera. Now you tell me; if you wait even a million years, will the cake make itself?

    This a comparison. Explain to me, evolutionists, how it makes more sense that life just happened. I am well versed in science; one cell cannot simply exist without a parent. Spontaneous generations do not occur. I do believe, however, that our bodieschange (keyboard refuses to space right there) and adapt over time. I read the appendix used to digest raw meat. God equipped us with this for when we had to eat a lot of raw meat-most of us, the majority-do not eat raw meat. We as humans haven't_really eaten raw meat in a while.

    You see, I believe in science but also_God. He created our world. He created us and the animals around us, along with plants and everything else.

    Think about it.

  • I stopped. I read it. I thought about it. I realized you really have no truthful understanding of academic christianity and you are working on assumptions that are based on ignorance. You claim Christians don't believe in science and some may not but many do but what you clearly don't get is that you don't believe in Archeology. The Bible is not, "a book written in desert scribblings and wrote by primitive tribesmen" it literally is the most documented book of the ancient world with other 25,000 manuscripts of the New Testament alone. You don't have to believe in God but when you state your disbelief or intellectual reasoning and they go on and spew ignorance you lose all credibility with thinking people. Pick up a book and read about the "Historic Jesus" (that is an academic term) you might learn something.

  • If you belive in evolution and the big bang and what not, who started evolution, who caused the big bang? And yes you have to work for what you want but God is helping us along the way, and it is never to late to turn back, so plaese rethink this and please pray!

  • People look up Angelica Zombrano on youtube look at the whole video then reply

  • Man i hate religious arguments!

  • every element that is found in the human body is found in the earth's core. We were created out of dust from the earth ---- not through evolution. God still cares for you deeply and never gets tired of waiting for you to come to Him. He is there and if you seek Him you will find Him.

  • Every naturally made element in the universe (including those found on Earth) was created inside the core of stars you ignorant b******. As a star grows older it collapses in on itself and through nuclear fusion heavier elements like iron and gold are created, and when the star finally goes nova and explodes it spreads out all these materials into space. Humongous clouds of debris are compacted by the shock waves of nearby explosions and the elements pushed together thus gain more mass, gather more material and compresses even more via gravity. Eventually the heat gets so high that you have spontaneous nuclear fission. That is the ignition of a new star's core and soon it gobbles up as much of the material around it as it can to keep burning. That is how new stars are born. What ever debris of it's cloud doesn't get pulled into it, slowly spin/fall towards it and develops an orbit, and these gather into b**** of matter too, and they pull in more material to themselves to form planets and moons. Everything... all matter in every form, that exists on earth was formed inside stars. We are made of star-stuff. Try closing you're old sheep-herder's dream-journal for an hour and watch the Discovery channel for a change. Evolution IS a theory, not a fact. But there is SO MUCH evidence that suggests its true, it might as well be fact. What proof does creationism have? None.

  • In addition to what i just posted, can you prove evolution is happing as you reading this? i dont mean technical evolution i human evolution....!
    As for science if we were all mechanics then i place a corpse in front of any scientist no matter how brilliant and ask him to bring it back to life, can they no?
    And why do you think that is.

  • dont be a smart ass the wonders of science and modern medicine are in fact marvlous, but has there limits, science can clone animals the only reason while humans have not been done is because its iilegal and god, u can now also chose what s** u want ur baby to be, men have sucesfully became women and vice versa, and soon in the near future they are even comming up with a way to make humans immortal, all u got to do is google this topic and numurous articles will pop up. while u have me stumped with the whole zombie nonsensescience will oneday erradicte death. and just a side note ur god used earth to create man than k more earth and a mans rib to create woman, humans o it with using dirt aka s**, and now men dont even need to be butchered to create little girls wow aint mordern medicine and science grand. ¥demonraiper¥

  • Can you show me anything, anything in this world, that was created by itself? Anything, a pencil, a mug, clothes, even a simple needle? Can any of these create itself, or be created through the passage of time by evolution?
    When even a simple needle cannot create itself, nor can it be created by evolution, and needs someone to design it, and manufacture it: How can this whole Universe, this earth, the sun, the moon, you, and I come into existence by itself?
    The Answer cannot be given as ‘nature’, because then we will come back to the same issue… Who is the Creator of this ‘nature’ for everything… Our answer is the same.. The Creator who created everything, is the same One who created its nature! Thus we will try to stay on the one basic question: Is there a ‘Creator’ for everything, or did everything come into existence on its own.

    Logic #2: for proving the existence of a Creator.

    If I were to tell you that I was in the middle of a desert, and suddenly I saw bricks come together by itself, and then a building came into existence by itself, and then the machinery entered the building by itself, and then this building became a computer factory by itself, and then this factory just started making thousands of super-computers by itself….. would you believe me? Would you not honestly tell me to get my brains checked at a good psychiatric hospital?

    The truth is that everything has a maker or a creator, and these super-computers cannot just be made on its own by itself!

    The most technologically advanced semi-conductor factory in today’s world cannot make a computer-chip that can match the human brain, with its power of logic and emotion and reasoning, etc.

    When one cannot believe that this simple needle, or this computer, or this chip cannot be made on its own, how can one honestly believe that this superb human being, with all his perfect faculties, internal organs, internal systems, this brain, etc. come into being by itself?

    Is it only because the Creator of this human being is ‘unseen’? Would it be reasonable for me to say, that since I have not seen the designer of this computer chip, and since I have not seen the factory where this chip is made, I believe that this computer chip came into existence by itself? Would it be reasonable? Would it make commonsense?

    Just like I cannot say that since I have not seen the creator of the computer chip, therefore the chip came into existence by itself; it is illogical to assume that just because you cannot see the Creator of the Universe and the human beings… these came into existence by itself!

  • Quick answer for you: entropy.

    But in any case... you assume that to create something, that "creator" must have some sort of intelligence. Nature and the natural forces that govern science cannot just "be" for you. And thus, with this one presumption (not based on any discernible fact, but on your NEED for things to make sense as you see it) your entire train of logic (I'm being kind. It's not logical at all) is flawed from the beginning. On a side note: transistors keep getting smaller. Each neuron in our brain is similar to the on/off switches that are transistors. When we can make transistors as small or smaller than the human neuron, we will be able to make machine brains with the same complexity as human brains (we can already make them with the same intelligence of a beetle). One day (probibly in the next 50 years) humanity will produce an AI with the same intelligence and complexity as the engineers' brain.

  • fool there is currently a tree in utah( u can also google this) that is between 88,000 and 1millionyrs old. the reason why scientist cant pinpoint its age is becuz get this everytime it dies it brings itself back to life. pins bottle caps all that crap u mention are man made idiot evolution does not apply, d*** fir brains. u religious people really r this stupid thats the reason why the pastors drive around in luxury cars live in big fancy housess and while majority of the members of their congregation are barely getting by becuz u baffoons give them all ur money in the name of a unseen unheard god, that no edvidence can be given to support the exsistance of. so foolish. more blood have been shed in the name religion than every mordern war in history the crusades and witch hunts killed more innocent prople than vietnam and both world wars combined. I CHALLENGE TO PROVE TO ME THE EXSISTENCE OF UR GOD OR ANY GOD OR THAT MATTER. dont quote the bible because how can u make and argument based on a bias the ur argument text. the bible is also full of historical in accuratcys p,z anyone of any faith accept this challenge. btw hinduism is the oldest religion on earth. jesus is a carbon copy of the egyptian diety horus and the bible is so blatnly plagerised that if it was a term paper and i was a proffessor i would flunk the student that handed in on the grounds of cheating.

  • Given your grammar and spelling I doubt you have the brain cells to evaluate science or religion. Go educate yourself a bit more before you decide anything.

  • and god still loves u even though u deny him

  • i find most religious people lazy and selfish because they rely on their false "god" to provide for them, yes you actually have to do something to obtain something, i have more faith that my house will turn into a giant chocolate chip cookie, than i do in any religion or god. More people have died in the name of religion that all the wars together

  • Evolution is not 'science', it is a 'theory'. Why science is so great is that it REFUSES to even talk about God. Many things in the bible and other text are 'science'. A scientific theory is any theory that can be falsified. Many things from the bible have been falsified, that makes them science.

    Religious arguments are always about semantics. Go ask a physicist what the universe is expanding into. They will say 'the future'-does that really make sense?

    In reality, what we are discovering from string theory is that reality is composed of more particles than we can see, and more dimensions than we experience. In reality, EVERY person's religion or view of religion MIGHT be correct. Thats what SCIENCE says, not me.

    The REAL issues are not about god, but about man. Who cares what christians SAY-the problem is when they don't want gay people to have the same rights as straight people. And that is NOT a 'religious' argument but a CULTURAL one. There are more christians who don't give a rats ass about sexuality than there are puritans. The bible says only eight things about sexuality, but dozens about communism and sharing wealth, but for some reason some christians care more about the former than the latter. THAT is the real issue. As for what is 'true', SCIENCE says that we really have NO idea. EVERY scientific theory can be falsified, or its not science. If you don't know that, you shouldn't be talking about science.

  • I have just one thing to say... There are 2 sides to every matter. While you say there is proof againt... I say there is proof for... Think about it sure everything can be explained by science but there comes a point in science where we are still not sure... That's where religion comes in. As for the bible being old... We still read shakesphere don't we? And what are the chances that that many people are going to write about a similar "false" topic? Many different people contributed. (for future reference more people will listen if you explain more politely and don't use caps to "yell")

  • the bible predates shakspear by thousands of years it is very very old written by tribal men of little faith they believed in mysticism and magic in those days they worshiped everything from the sun to cats. the bible is a text full of mythology and wonder nothing in it should be taken as gospel let alone used as the foundation of two major world religions. a time came when those same old not smart desert dwelling tribes men decided tht we want to start our own religion we want something to call our own so they started the worlds first and biggest cult. they took something from this knwn religion a little bit from this religion complied it all and created what is modern judaism which spawned new testament christianity. do u know how fairly new christanity is hinduisms predates christianity by roughly 19,000 yrs. the gods of greek and roman mythlogy also older than godallahyehwe. u can find stories so similar to the genissis creation story in ancient sumatra text, the epic of gilgamesh comes to mind.( give it a good read and see for yourself) every wonder why this new god was created without limits omnipresent omnsciennt onipotent because those that thought up this religion had to make their new god the best and what did they do with all the old gods, villify or demonize them. dont believe me? the snake that tempted eve is falsly said to be lucifer wrong nowhere in the bible is this said. god even caused the serpent a snake and classifies it as a animal. really the snke was worshipped by sumarrians. and jesus final act of viictory over the grave was actually a victory over hades god of the underworld. read ur holy book its in there. latter rome saw how gullible people were and used this new religion to control the masses rewrote the bible left things out changed things all for the own selfish gains. do a little search on the dead sea scrolls and youll see how many textbwere actually left out the bible. hundreds lol ur holy book is flawed. i laugh at ur ignorance. I DARE YOU TO PROVE THE EXISTENCE OF UR GOD TO ME. without quoteing the bible or uing the universal cop out " u just gotta have faith" lol u cant becuse there is non the universe is expanding as we speak humans have satalittes in deep space sending images back to earth we once walked on all fours like apes now we dont and there is a 88,000 yr old tree in utah. evolution is at work all around u science is your friend. put ur faith there not in false gods. in addition dinosaurs disapeared from earth 64'000000 yrs ago u think they would have fit in noahs ark. we have fossil proff that dinos did exisist. this discussion is laughably lame ¥demonraiper¥

  • You are so rude.

    You have no right to tell people what they should believe in.

    Keep your opinion to yourself, you're just asking for trouble. People fighting over religion is just silly.

  • Psalm 111:10 "The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: a good understanding have all they that do his commandments: his praise endureth for ever."

    Proverbs 1:20-29 "Wisdom crieth without; she uttereth her voice in the streets:
    She crieth in the chief place of concourse, in the openings of the gates: in the city she uttereth her words, saying,
    How long, ye simple ones, will ye love simplicity? and the scorners delight in their scorning, and fools hate knowledge?
    Turn you at my reproof: behold, I will pour out my spirit unto you, I will make known my words unto you.
    Because I have called, and ye refused; I have stretched out my hand, and no man regarded; But ye have set at nought all my counsel, and would none of my reproof: I also will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your fear cometh; When your fear cometh as desolation, and your destruction cometh as a whirlwind; when distress and anguish cometh upon you. Then shall they call upon me, but I will not answer; they shall seek me early, but they shall not find me:
    For that they hated knowledge, and did not choose the fear of the LORD"

  • boooring u ignorant uniformed w**** of jesus, read something other than the bible, do a little reaserch on other cultures expand ur horizone learn some s*** the bible is flawed worthless and made up. and has been altered more times than a rich white ladys fke b****. get a life i am so sick of u religious idiots you make no f****** since how can u worship something with slave like devotion that dies not exsist, if you would be honest with yourself you could admit it but hey ignorance is bliiss. fools. ¥demonraiper¥

  • While I believe you are rude, um, "demonraiper," I also believe you are ignorant. Not stupid, dumb, or idiotic. Unknowing. If only you knew of God's love for you. Jesus was sacrificed so that at any moment you wish, you can repent and accept forgiveness. It is there. All you must do is accept it.

  • agree

  • man yo guys are trippin'
    God is One

  • I considered writing something deep and well thought out, but then I looked at your first line and changed my mind.

  • Science also says that if you can not taste, touch, see, smell , or hear it that it does not exist. By that logic your brain doesn't exist either, however you "know" it's there. Yes? WRONG scientifically YOUR brain does not exist.
    Maybe there is a God and maybe there's not but be careful because your new found logic has many more flaws in it.

  • you zealots keep proving how stupid and foolish you really are. im only gonna comment on this because i can believe how stupid u r can be believed. ok so touch ur keyboard feel that the smoothness of the keys thats ur brain telling ur fingers the texture of the keyboard, fire burns not technicaly u only feel the heat of the flames becuz ur brain sends signals to ur hand telling it ur in pain that reaction u had to the burning sensation lets say u jerked ur hand away from the flame and cursed the fire for burning you, the j*** response brain, the words u used to curse brain, the mather of fact the words formulated as a thought in ur brain before they came out of ur mouth. i mean really really, u can taste touch see and smell becuz of your brain. ur brain is the author and narrator of taste touch sight and smell are you kidding me. when u are arousal and ur d*** or vaginal get hard and wet that emotion u feel started in ur brain genius. plz stop before u really make urself look like a fool.

  • dont worry foolish religious marks i'll be here and else where debunking droping facts educating and making u guys look like fools where ever i can. always happy to help.:¥demonraiper¥

  • Im talking about ALL branches off science, not just your senses.

  • The foundation of -- and the introduction to -- your position is that there is too much evidence to prove that God doesn't exist, so I'll just focus on that. You need to understand, scientifically, that there is a substantial difference between physical proof that something doesn't exist, and the absence of physical proof that something does exist. A believer can't reason his way to the existence of God, any more than a non-believer can prove a negative. That's why we call what we have a "faith" in God, and in His love, and we rely on that faith. Were it a fact, it would require no faith, just a meaningless, mindless obedience to a superior power. I offer this just as my perspective, and not as an argument: you're entitled to believe as you choose, based on your own view and experience of the world. My view and experience of the world supposes God's existence, and in fact, requires it.

  • While I'm not religious, I think you have much more sense and tact than OP. People should stop yelling at each other over religion.

  • faith is the universal cop out. u know this u sound like a trully intelligient person science can prove everthing accept gods exsistance becuz god does not exsist there is no edvidence of his exsistance there is nothing to use as a measuring ground so science can not apply the scentific principles to an apparition. nobody has returned from the dead with reports of heaven or h***. what im saying in a nut shell science has nothing to work with therefore can not disprove gods exsistance solely becuz of the absence of anything godly. if i thief broke in ur house but stole nothing and left no signs of him breaking in how would you no a thief was there. faith. i did not see the thief break in, i cant prove a thief was in my house but i believe a thief was there. nonsense right but religious fools wont admit the foolishness of their arguments¥demonraiper¥

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