I'm 40 and been married for 20yrs the 1st time I was f***** was my wedding night, he was gentle and love and I enjoyed it. It has been the same ever since, once a week in the missionary position.
A couple of weeks ago he went on a works do and came home drunk. I was in my nighty and nothing else, he grabbed me ripped my nighty off and mauled my t*** roughly, calling me a fat s***, then bent me over the table and f***** me like an animal. It was wonderful but he doesn't remember doing it and has gone back to his normal self.
I now crave to befucked roughly and used

Dec 16, 2015

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  • U want to get raped calle me

  • No I don't want to be rapped you w*****

  • I'll come by and rape you anally if you're interested. Let me know.

  • F*** off w*****

  • I would love to take you rip your clothes off and f*** you hard and fast c****** deep in you x

  • Where you from, I'm tempted

  • As long as it worked for you

  • Oh it does

  • Christmas day breakfast a mouth full of s**** and a spanking, naked drinking bucks fizz. Yum

  • Well I managed to get him drunk last night, I went and changed into a white mini see-through night and nothing else. I walked into the lounge and stood in front of him, it worked he got his c*** out pulled me onto his lap and forced into my wet c*** and f***** me saying this is what you want you fat s*** then bit my nipples. Then he pulled out told me to turn around and forced into my tight a***, f*** it hurt but I took it and relaxed, he ripped the nighty and squeezed and pulled my nipples again calling me a s***. I found in saying yes I am I need this and more f*** me like a prostitute he c** in my a*** and then I sucked his c***, he pulled my hair forcing his c*** down my throat and he spunked again fell asleep.
    I cucked my self with the cucumber again.
    Knowing he would not remember I gave myself love bites on each t** and with a permanent marker wrote FAT on one t** and S*** on the other and S*** just above my c*** so I can show him in the morning !!!

  • Good job bro

  • The next morning I got up, he was still asleep with his d*** out. I knelt in front of him and started sucking his fat k***, he got a lovely h******, then woke he said what are you doing. I looked at him and said this is what you told me to do last night and went back to sucking him off, he didn't last long and spunked om my mouth, he said f****** h*** as he filled my mouth. I stood up naked so he could see me. He stared and said f*** I'm sorry, I kissed him with my spunky lips and said don't be I'm happy being you FAT S*** and went into the kitchen and made two brandy coffees handed him one telling him it was a hair of the dog. He stared at my t***, I put his hand on one, he squeezed it firmly, I said give me more bites, he did as requested and said this us what iv always wanted. Well carry on I love it.

  • Yesterday he asked me to go out and f*** someone else and come home and tell him all the details, he had got me some sexy clothes and off I went. I was in a bar in town, not used to picking up men but within 30min I was chatted up by two men, after a couple of drinks the talk got sexual. The one said you have great t***, his mate said yeh one each, I replied you just think I'm a s*** don't you? The one went red but the other said yes we have a van in the car park, said well its a good job I'm a s*** then isn't it.
    We went to the van, they stripped me, the older one told me to kneel and f***** me doggy, the other stuck his c*** in my mouth, he spunked 1st and when the other spunked in my c***, he then fed his c*** yo my mouth saying I told you she was a s***, look at the state of her t***, the younger one mauled them and then f***** me.
    They gave me a lift home.

  • E-mail me

  • Please tell me your in England xx as my pierced c*** would love to f*** your mouth and c***

  • I'm in Birmingham

  • Sounds like us three girls would get together for some lesbian s** xxxx

  • And i medeator

  • For a long time I have become a slave to one of my husband's friends and his four mates and yes like you I have got to admit that I like the way I am treated and spoke to because also I am in my mid-30s and quite chubby but my "Masters" call me a fat s*** and get me to crawl around the floor just like a dog after having to strip off and shake all my "blubber" for them to have a laugh at before f****** me in any position that they decide the only thing is they don't leave any marks because my husband doesn't know this side of me but I get a strange kick out of being

  • Take my 8" pierced c*** x

  • Where you from, id like to join you?

  • That sounds like fun, I'm planning to get him drunk tonight and hope the animal in him comes out. Thee think is I'm not fat but have huge t*** and plump(now shaven c***) being called a fat s*** ss he f***** me made me h**** as h***.

    Your post has made me wet and would consider trying the same scenario. Thank you, would you consider bi s** with me?

  • What's it like to have so many c**** at one time I have only had one c*** on my life? When he was drunk he spunked in my mouth for the 1st time and I loved it and swallowed xx

  • C** swallow my hot s**** and l will f*** every hole you allow me too

  • Ok were you from, every hole available

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